Audit Firms in Jeddah

Aviaan Accounting plays an essential role in merging industry knowledge with innovative and modernized technology with the purpose to create value for our clients with integrity and objectivity. We offer favorable solution in accordance with the audit needs of the clients by:

  • Reviewing business processes and functions
  • Industry, market and competitor analysis
  • Assessing business and financial position
  • Identifying loopholes in value-chain

Audit Firms in Jeddah

Jeddah is the prime seaport and business city in the western region of KSA, which is growing fast and about to become a crucial city for companies of all types and nature. Jeddah offers a substantial chance to businesses with the probability of earning considerable revenue; many choose to establish their companies here, even companies from all over the globe come here to structure their company.

Companies need to ensure that they are complying with government rules and regulations. It ensures that all the functions are operating the way they should and that they can achieve targets. They can choose the Audit firms in Jeddah for that purpose.


What are Audit Services?

An Audit in KSA is a compulsory requirement to review the accuracy of a company’s financial statements and records. An audit is an examination of records held by a business, which involves analysing financial records or other areas. Enterprises need to appoint auditors in Jeddah at the AGM for five or fewer years.

Importance of Audit Services in Jeddah

The following are the importance of getting an Audit service in Jeddah:

  • Boost the company’s dependability as well as trustworthiness.
  • Circumvent lawful issues with the government.
  • Motivating in doing effective business

What documents required in the Audit Process in KSA?

The following documents needed for conducting the audit:

  • General ledger
  • Trail balance
  • Copies of loans, leases, and contract
  • Loan statements
  • List of all fixed asset purchases and Depreciation schedule
  • Names and contact information for any attorneys used and transfer agent
  • Articles of incorporation and by-laws
  • List of all bank accounts

Why Aviaan Accounting is a Great Choice for Audit Services in Saudi Arabia?

The audit in Saudi Arabia is vital for any company to comply with legal requirements that assure value creation. We at Aviaan Accounting, as the best Audit firm in Jeddah, can help with these objectives. We understand that the business environment has become more challenging and fast-paced over the years. It continues to change with regards to the legal framework, competition, and technology. We offer clients expert professionals who will provide satisfactory services.

Aviaan Accounting, the best Audit Firm in Jeddah is devoted to using new auditing techniques with tested auditing methodologies. It ensures that the services offered are as per client requirements. We prepare our team with requisite audit skills and have acquired hardware and software to strengthen our team to provide excellent services. Our experienced professionals keep us ready to analyze all the potentials risk factors in our clients’ businesses that enable us to identify problems and offer useful advice.

Our team of experts for each client is created after careful understanding and evaluating their qualifications. They would surely be able to help clients with all their auditing needs with utmost proficiency. Aviaan Accounting strives towards offering several auditing services while ensuring the quality of the services.

Services Offered by Aviaan Accounting the best Audit Firms in Jeddah

Aviaan Accounting the best audit firm in Jeddah that provides clients with audit services depending on their requirements and works towards ensuring that services are tailor-made to their needs. We deliver the following kinds of audit services:

Creating Audit Plan – Our priority is selecting the team that suits clients’ audit assignments. The step ends with a comprehensive audit plan that involves gathering data and risk assessment.

Audit Program for Client – We prepare an audit program in consultation with the client. The focus is on clients’ operations, reporting requirements, and internal audit controls while creating it.

Performance of Audit in KSA – Our team reviews the client’s financial records and information. We express our opinion on the truth and fairness of financial statements under review.

Audit Report is issued – We issue an audit report expressing our opinion. Our team also makes suggestions to our clients for improving their functions and internal controls.

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