IT Audit and Information System Security Services in Dubai

IT Audit and Information System Security Services in Dubai

 In a digital world of rising e-commerce and information technology, businesses see enormous opportunities to grow globally. The same holds for the enormous IT and Information System Security risks and threats as well. IT audit and Information System in Dubai, UAE security concerns about:

  • Maintenance of system security
  • Managing the information and communication system
  • Identifying and mitigating any potential risks
  • Upholding all IT protocols

We at Aviaan, take an innovative and proactive approach to provide the best IT audit services in Dubai. We aim to mitigate the potential risks and keep the IT system at a functioning level at all times.

IT and information system Audit Services in in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE – Review and Assessment

Our professionals take a holistic approach by assessing the IT infrastructure of your organization. It is an increasingly challenging task for IT auditing firms in Dubai with evolving technology and industry trends. The information systems are majorly concerned with data privacy and security.

Our team for IT auditing in Dubai makes the IT system assessments as:

  • IT system testing and assessment to identify the potential threats and weaknesses.
  • Formulating the basis for IT controls and Solutions.
  • Integration of business information system and the IT infrastructure of the organization.
  • Assessing the IT system confidentiality, Integrity, and readiness.
  • Assessing the IT and information system regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Aligning the IT systems and organization vision.
  • Cost-benefit assessment for IT systems of the organization.

IT infrastructure costs make up a large chunk of the organizational expenses. As a leading IT auditing firm in Dubai, we take a comprehensive approach to assess the IT system’s effectiveness and its alignment with the organizational vision and mission.

IT Audit and information System Security in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE – Risk Management

Managing IT system and information system security risks is an ongoing and evolving task. Measuring and managing the IT audit task in Abu Dhabi, UAE means enhancing the organizational IT system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Our key areas of IT audit and risk management in information system security are:

  • IT system effectiveness and industry standards’ benchmarking.
  • Data Security – Access, Privacy, and Quality issues.
  • Information System Security – Information privacy, leakage, staff identity, authorization, and Biometrics, etc.
  • Internal Controls for IT Systems – IT auditing function, technology risks, change management.
  • IT Fraud prevention – forensic and risk management.
  • IT system resilience testing, preparedness for failure, recovery, and backup options.

Our Methodology for IT Audit Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Our professional team of IT auditors in Dubai, UAE assesses the IT and Information system with the following methodology.

  • IT strategy review.
  • IT system physical controls.
  • Software compatibility and control checks.
  • Review and backtesting of IT operations.
  • IT system recovery procedure assessment.
  • Hardware, Operating systems, and Application control assessment.
  • Staff interviews to assess the capability and readiness.
  • Information system adequacy and readiness checking.

Key benefits for you with our IT Audit Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Here are some key benefits for your business with our IT audit in Dubai services.

  • Increased IT controls and system reliability.
  • Improved data protection, privacy, and availability.
  • Cost savings and long-term revenue generation benefits.
  • Increased business reputation and value addition.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • IT and information system improvements to align with the organization’s vision.
  • IT fraud prevention and risk mitigation.