Top Audit Firms in Qatar (2024)


Accountants and auditors are the professionals who administer and handle the financial affairs of the company. Accountants are employees of the company, managing the routine financial transactions and activities while the auditor is hired for a specific period of time to assess the information managed by accountants. Both work in collaboration to ensure that all financial and accounting details are up-to-date and accurate. The major purpose of auditing is to ensure that all assets owned by the company are obtained through ethical and legal ways.  

In Qatar, several auditing firms consist of experienced and certified professionals. All the auditors are responsible to perform a task that is related to accounts and finance.  The auditing firms in Qatar are considered an important business structure for SMEs and MNCs. Following is the list of top 10 audit firms in Qatar: 

External Audit Services - Top Audit Firms in Qatar (2024)

Aviaan Accounting:

Known for providing exceptional auditing service at a reasonable and affordable cost. Well-versed in employing accounting software’s, latest regulations, and auditing requirements while verifying company accounts and financial statements. 

Fuad Abdul Kareem & Partners – TGS Qatar:

It is a global dynamic accountancy and auditing network with specialization in the provision of bookkeeping, internal & external audit, tax, corporate finance advisory, and commercial legal services. Committed to making international trade easy while making opportunities for clients to advance their business development. 

Nabeel A.Al Saie Accounting & Auditing:

Firm of Public Accountant consists of a highly skilled team of professional staff dedicated to providing assurance and accounting services to its clients. Believed that auditing is not just focused on analyzing the financial statements but also understanding the vision and objective of the business. 

Ali Al Ansari & Mohamed Anwar Co. Auditors:

Leading audit firm in Qatar which is also the Member of Forum of Firms at International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). Equipped with qualified accountants offering seamless and consistent services in accordance with client’s requirements and needs. 

Antonio Ghaleb & Partner CPA:

Expert in managing all types of business by leveraging the professional experience and competency in handling all corporation’s structures. Offers auditing, accounting, Business Advisory Services which include tax due to diligence assignment, agreed-upon procedures (AUP), tax consultancy, corporate governance, Human Resources, and others.

SB & Partners Chartered Accountants:

They have a track record of delivering high-quality auditing and assurance service ethically and independently. Moreover, the firm ensures that there is no interruption in routine business operations and processes while conducting an audit. 

RSM Qatar- Shams Al Baharna Auditors & Consultants:

Consist of an integrated team, the firm shares skills, insight, and resources, as well as a client-centric approach that’s based on a deep understanding of client business. Its services include Audit and assurance, Consulting, Tax, Risk advisory, IFRS, Restructuring, Transactions, and Business and financial advisory.

Ahmed S. Al Sayed Accounting & Auditing:

It updates companies on the market risk and facilitates in developing business solutions. Moreover, it has a strong background and experience in providing audit, business consulting, financial, administrative, and economic feasibility studies and submits tax returns service. 

JBA & Partner:

Best audit firm in Qatar, having extensive experience and knowledge in current and emerging laws and regulations. Also, the firm has adopted a dedicated service approach, upfront communications, and proactive response to strengthen long-term clientele relations. 

Eisa Alderbasti Accounting and Auditing:

They have a unique combination of having an in-depth knowledge of the local business and governance combined with high-level international expertise. Also, the firm believes in providing personalized service to clients and maintain a long-term relationship. 

Audit Services Provided by Audit Firms in Qatar

The government of Qatar gives high regard, importance, and priority to all the audit firms operating in Qatar because they are responsible to verify and assess the fairness of the company’s financial statements and accounts. It is the most crucial task that requires time, effort, expertise, knowledge, and experience in the related field. The most common services offered by audit firms in Qatar include: 

  • Company Statutory Audit
  • Taxation Audit
  • Internal Company Audit
  • Cost Efficiency Audit
  • Company Financial Statement Audits
  • Internal Audit 

However, the audit firm’s contribution to a company is not limited to the above-mentioned services, they are also capable of monitoring the accounts of the organization based on international financial reporting standards. Also, Qatar audit firms are highly skilled at preparing audit reports detailing the financial status and position of the business. 

Some specific core audit service includes IT control, compliance audit (service tax audit), infrastructural and security audit, efficiency audit, company management, and organizational structure audit (hierarchy audit). Besides all these Core Audit Services, some other services are also performed by the accounting firm in Qatar such as: 

  • Documentation filling
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance audit 
  • Data quality and controls 
  • Business processing controls 
  • ERP controls 
  • Gap Identification & Analysis

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