Top Business Valuation Companies in Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan

These firms have teams of valuation professionals with expertise in applying standard valuation methodologies like discounted cash flow, market multiples, and asset-based approaches. They serve Japanese corporations, private equity firms, law firms, and government agencies, providing valuations that support strategic decision-making, compliance, and stakeholder requirements.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (Business Valuation Company in Japan)

PwC Japan has a dedicated Valuation Services team that is part of their Deal Strategy & Valuation practice. This team provides comprehensive valuation advisory services to support clients’ strategic transactions, financial reporting, tax planning, and litigation matters.

Service Offerings:
– Mergers & Acquisitions: Valuations for acquisition/divestiture targets, fairness opinions, purchase price allocations
– Financial Reporting: Valuations for impairment testing, purchase price allocations, equity-based compensation
– Tax Valuations: Valuations for transfer pricing, restructurings, estate/gift tax planning
– Litigation Support: Valuations for shareholder disputes, intellectual property litigation, marital dissolutions

Specialized Services:
– Valuation of intangible assets (brands, patents, technology)
– Portfolio valuations for investment funds, asset managers
– Valuations for restructuring and insolvency situations

Industry Expertise:
PwC’s valuation professionals have deep industry knowledge across sectors like financial services, technology, consumer markets, industrial products, energy & mining to understand industry-specific valuation nuances.

They employ robust valuation methodologies like discounted cash flow, market approach (multiples), asset-based approaches backed by financial modeling and data analytics capabilities.

Ernst & Young (EY) (Business Valuation Firm in Japan)

EY’s Japanese member firm, EY ShinNihon, has a dedicated Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) division that houses valuation professionals. Their Valuation & Business Modeling team provides valuation services across Japan.

Services Offered:
– M&A Valuations – Valuations for acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, fairness opinions
– Financial Reporting – Purchase price allocation, impairment testing, valuations for IFRS/US GAAP
– Tax Valuations – Transfer pricing analyses, restructuring valuations, estate/gift tax valuations
– Restructuring – Insolvency/bankruptcy valuations, valuations for debt restructuring
– Disputes – Valuations for shareholder disputes, intellectual property litigation
– Portfolio Valuations – Valuations of investment portfolios, financial instruments

EY takes an integrated approach combining sector expertise with valuation specialization. Their multidisciplinary teams include valuation specialists, industry professionals, financial modelers and data analysts.

They employ standard valuation methodologies like discounted cash flow, market multiples, comparable transactions, and asset-based approaches adhering to Japanese regulations and global best practices.

Focus Areas:
While serving clients across sectors, EY has developed specialized valuation expertise in focus industries like financial services, technology, consumer products, life sciences and real estate.

Top Business Valuation Companies in Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan

ValueInsight (Business Valuation Firm in Japan)

ValueInsight is a boutique advisory firm based in Tokyo that specializes in business valuations and valuation-related services. Founded in 2005, it has established itself as one of Japan’s leading independent valuation providers.

Services Offered:
– Business valuations for M&A transactions (acquisitions, divestitures, fairness opinions)
– Valuations for financial reporting (purchase price allocations, impairment testing)
– Intangible asset valuations (brands, patents, technology)
– Valuations for taxation purposes (transfer pricing, restructuring)
– Valuations for litigation and dispute resolution
– Valuation modeling and advisory services

ValueInsight takes a partner-led approach with senior professionals closely involved in each engagement. They combine technical valuation expertise with in-depth industry knowledge and financial modeling capabilities.

Client Base:
ValueInsight serves large Japanese corporations, private equity firms, law firms, and government agencies across major industries like technology, consumer, industrials, financial services.

Industry Recognition:
The firm and its professionals are well-regarded in Japan’s valuation space. They have won awards and recognitions from organizations like Leading Providers Directories for their valuation expertise.

Aviaan Accounting (Business Valuation Firm in Japan)

Services Offered:
– M&A Valuations – Valuations for acquisitions, divestitures, fairness opinions
– Financial Reporting Valuations – Purchase price allocations, impairment testing, equity compensation
– Tax Valuations – Transfer pricing analyses, restructuring valuations
– Valuation for Disputes – Valuations for shareholder/IP litigation, expert testimony
– Portfolio Valuations – Valuations of investment portfolios, financial instruments
– Restructuring Valuations – Insolvency/bankruptcy valuations

Specialized Solutions:
– Valuation of intangible assets like brands, patents, technology
– Valuations of complex securities and derivative instruments
– Embedded valuations for life insurance/annuity products

They employ standard valuation approaches like discounted cash flows, market multiples, comparable transactions, cost/income methods backed by financial modeling expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the main purposes for business valuations in Japan? The primary purposes include mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, taxation planning/compliance, restructuring/insolvency situations, and litigation/dispute resolution.
  2. Are there any Japan-specific regulations governing valuations? Yes, valuations must adhere to Japanese accounting standards and valuation guidelines issued by bodies like the Corporate Value Study Group. Global standards like those from IVSC may also apply.
  3. Which valuation methodologies are typically used? The three main approaches are the income approach (discounted cash flow), market approach (trading/transaction multiples), and asset/cost approach. The specifics depend on the situation, purpose, available data and accepted practices.

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How Aviaan Accounting Can help with Business Valuation Studies

Aviaan Accounting can provide valuable assistance with business valuation studies through its expertise and comprehensive services. Business valuation is a critical process that determines the economic worth of a company, and Aviaan Accounting can help in the following ways:

1. Valuation Methodologies: Aviaan Accounting professionals are well-versed in various valuation methodologies, including asset-based approaches, income-based approaches (such as discounted cash flow analysis), and market-based approaches. They can select the most appropriate methodology based on the specific circumstances of the business and industry.

2. Financial Analysis: A thorough financial analysis is essential for accurate business valuation. Aviaan Accounting can review and analyze financial statements, projections, and other financial data to gain insights into the company’s performance, profitability, and growth potential.

3. Industry and Market Research: Aviaan Accounting can conduct comprehensive industry and market research to understand the competitive landscape, market trends, and economic factors that may impact the business’s value.

4. Intangible Asset Valuation: In addition to tangible assets, Aviaan Accounting can value intangible assets such as intellectual property, brand equity, customer relationships, and goodwill, which are often significant contributors to a company’s value.

5. Tax and Regulatory Compliance: Business valuations are often required for tax planning, compliance, and regulatory purposes. Aviaan Accounting can ensure that the valuation process adheres to relevant tax laws, accounting standards, and regulatory requirements.

6. Report Preparation: Aviaan Accounting can prepare detailed valuation reports that clearly explain the methodologies used, assumptions made, and the final valuation conclusion. These reports can be used for various purposes, such as mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, or estate planning.

7. Expert Testimony: In cases where business valuations are required for legal proceedings, Aviaan Accounting professionals can provide expert testimony and support, lending credibility to the valuation process.

By leveraging Aviaan Accounting’s expertise and comprehensive services, businesses can obtain accurate and reliable business valuation studies, which are essential for informed decision-making, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance.

Valuation Services in Japan

We conduct valuation services in cities, including but not limited to following:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Yokohama
  3. Osaka
  4. Nagoya
  5. Sapporo
  6. Kobe
  7. Kyoto
  8. Fukuoka
  9. Kawasaki
  10. Saitama