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Tax Agents help in the smooth functioning of UAE tax system operation and form part a major role in assisting the Tax Agencies in this regard. The Tax Agents help businesses in regularly complying with the rules, regulations, and other tax obligations. It is recommended for all organisations and entities coming under the tax purview so they canbe tax compliant in all aspects relating to the UAE tax system and to look after the tax issues and also to resolve them in a timely manner with the appropriate authority.

Role of a Tax Agent:

A Tax Agent usually engages through the Tax Agency and co-ordinates with their clients with which tax agency is associated for providing compliance services related to tax. These tax services provided include:

  • Assist companies in the registration of businesses with the appropriate authority
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns on behalf of companies to the appropriate authority
  • Maintenance of records, documents and other information as may be deemed necessary related to taxservices
  • Enquiring on behalf of companies with the regulatory authority in tax-related matters
  • Submission of reconsideration requests of decisions issued by the regulatory authority

Significance of Tax Agent:

  • A tax agent helps smoothen the process of filing and compliance of tax matters and acts as a mediatorbetween the company and regulatory authority
  • Dealing in tax affairs and representing the company in front of the regulatory authority
  • Being updated on the latest amendments with the provisions of the
  • Helps in eliminating the chance of noncompliance and penalty arising thereon
  • Helping in tax assessments and tax representations before the regulatory authority thereby easing theburden on companies in dealing with the tax
  • Aiding in achieving tax compliance, managing records, carrying out legal activities
  • Preparation and filing of tax
  1. Aviaan Accounting –

    Aviaan Accounting is a certified Tax Agents in UAE handling all the tax matters andproviding quality tax agent services in Dubai The team of tax experts at Aviaan Accounting ensures thatthey are well aware of all the laws pertaining to taxes in Dubai thereby being able to fulfill all tax obligations and compliance services pertaining to tax laws. They also provide representation services in front of tax or government officials keeping in mind the business of the company and its activities. The website of the firmshows a list of all the services offered by Aviaan Accounting. They provide various services related to tax such as aiding in preparation and submission of tax returns, liaison with regulatory authorities, representationservices etc.

  2. KBA –

    One of the best tax agents in UAE, KBA is passionate about the UAE business community andprovides a range of services to local and international businesses in They offer a fixed fee structure to their clients and are interested in working together for the long term. KBA offers a range of specialized tax services keeping in mind the development and investments realized in the recent years in UAE and to respond to the specific needs of businesses. Their team of tax experts do a tax review of the businesses and provide an overview of the current tax position of the businesses and its future liabilities. KBA tax team provides expert advice on the risks of accruing an onerous tax debt and further advises on how to mitigate that risk.

    KBA provides tax advisory services in Dubai by making sure their client’s structures and transactions aremanaged effectively to achieve the right outcome. They provide tax consultancy services and are specialised in small and medium enterprises. The tax experts at KBA are thorough in their knowledge of SME’s and helpin availing all concessions and deductions in favour of smaller businesses thereby reducing their tax burden.

  3. EBS Chartered Accountants

    EBS Chartered Accountants is a recognized accounting firm providing quality service. At EBS, the tax experts take the complexity and hassle out of all your accounting and specialize in making a ‘big firm’accounting service accessible to every sized business. Be it monthly bookkeeping, taxation, or annually audit we offer a full range of accounting services. Their tax experts review the accounts of the businesses and provide an overview of the tax position of the businesses and helps with tax saving and tax planningopportunities.

  4. Farahat & Co

    Farahat & Co is located in the Rigga area of UAE and helps in providing a variety of tax consultancy servicesto various business, in Dubai irrespective of the size and complexity of the business. Aside from assisting inregistration and filing for tax purposes, Farahat & Co additionally offers training so the businesses will be able to understand thoroughly the tax regime that is implemented in the UAE. Not only this, but the firm also assists business visitors in the UAE with the complete process for reclaims and refunds of taxes paid. The tax team of this firm also helps individuals and companies to secure tax residency certificates in the UAE, for people holding dual citizenship and are paying taxes already in other countries. Farahat & Co has branchesalso in other emirates of UAE, catering to the needs of the businesses located in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

  5. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group

    Emirates Chartered Accountants Group or popularly known ECAG, this firm is one of the well- known accounting firms in UAE. The firm offers tax agent services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The firm provides tax advisory services in Dubai and helps in assisting businesses with VAT implementation. The firm also provides services relating to excise tax, tax audits and international taxation. ECAG have agroup of tax agents who are proficient in Arabic, thereby helping in representing their clients before the UAE’sFederal Tax Authority.

  6. CreativeZone Tax & Accounting

    CreativeZone Tax & Accounting has a highly qualified and friendly team who have a vast experience in Tax &Accounting. Their tax experts are well versed in a providing various financial reporting services. These services range from accounting, bookkeeping, auditing to registration & computation of VAT and Returns filing for tax purposes.

  7. RBS Tax Consultants

    RBS Tax Consultants provides various services such as audit, tax, advisory through the help of experiencegained from working with International firms. The firm is one of the leading service providers in Accounting, Tax, and Auditing firms with a fully qualified professional team with experience in the field of Accounting,Auditing, Taxation, Management Consultancy, and Business Advisory Services equipped to assist the clientswith managing their risks and improving their operations. The team of qualified tax experts help in achievingtax compliance, managing books of accounts and other activities as maybe required by the Federal TaxAuthority from time to time.

  8. Shuraa Tax Consultants

    One of the most reputed and prominent tax consultancy firms in Dubai, Shuraa consists of qualified and experienced tax advisors and accountants to assist businesses with a wide range of services. Shuraa is alsoan FTA-certified agency and specialises in providing a host of services especially those related to VAT. The companies and organisations wanting to register for VAT in order to make sure they comply with VAT laws and file timely VAT returns can take Shuraa’s expert team to guarantee that they are operating correctly.Apart from this, Shuraa tax consultants in Dubai, also offer services related to registration and compliance of excise duty. Their tax team is very well-versed in international taxation laws of various countries and helpthose companies which are in the process of expanding globally.

  9. Vatbox

    Vatbox is a Tax Agent & Tax Agency certified in the UAE by the FTA ( Federal Tax Authority). Vatbox is one of the prominent tax consultants in UAE who specialize in the delivering to their clients, world-classprofessional services. Some of their services include Financial Management, Registration and Implementation of VAT, Accounting, Consultation of Tax, and compliance- related services. Vatbox has a team of qualified Tax consultants, Chartered Accountants, and Advisors providing the aforementioned services. The team of tax experts at Vatbox have the expertise and the dedication to ensure their clients comply with the ever-increasing Tax laws and regulations in UAE with minimum burden on the client’s front.

  10. Sorting tax

    Sorting Tax Advisory Services Limited or Sorting Tax is a boutique tax advisory firm in UAE. The team of tax experts at Sorting tax comprising of distinguished chartered accountants and tax consultants renders professional services on International Taxation, Mergers and Acquisition, UAE Economic Substance Regulations and Tax implications on overseas acquisition by Indian companies, amalgamation, demerger, slump sale and evaluation of the cash flow implications thereof. A hub of passionate viewers, Sorting Tax serves as a webcast zone for Income Tax, International Tax, UAE Corporate Tax, UAE ESR and TDS and conducts various webinars on the above topics. The people associated with the firm regular interact with industry and other professionals thereby being in constant touch of various updates and amendments in the tax laws and regulations keep pace with contemporary developments which enables the firm to meet theneeds of its clients efficiently and effectively.

  11. Risians Accounting

    Risians Accounting are certified and registered tax agents in dubai. The team of tax experts at Risians Accounting assist both individuals and business in dealing with the tax payments and liabilities. The firm can be said to be one of the registered tax agents in UAE. They firm is authorized to be appointed as Tax Agent by the companies and businesses and hence provide representation services before the regulatory authority for taxation which is the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) by looking into the tax affairs and taxable obligations of the companies and businesses. Risians Accounting has a qualified team of accountants dedicated entirely to solve the tax related concerns of companies and businesses who have in the past handled and managed a great deal of tax situations by providing the best and suitable solutions to various companies and enabled them to conduct their business effectively in the smoothest way possible.

  12. MAC & ROSS

    One of the prominent and reputed VAT consultants in the UAE, Mac & Ross is a Dubai-based audit firm thatoffers cost-effective services relating to VAT and taxation services for excise tax. MAC & ROSS provides VAT consultation in Dubai and are approved by Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The tax team at MAC & ROSS ensures that their clients do not face any penalties due to non-compliance with VAT regulations. This reputedfirm offer dedicated consultants for companies in helping them stay updated and aware of the various changes and amendments in VAT laws along with providing them services in setting up their recording and filing systems for the purpose of VAT as well.

  13. Premier Brains

    The recent additions to tax laws in UAE such as Corporate Tax , or Value-Added Tax , have given rise to the need of a more transparent tax legislations that are more in line with the global standards. Therefore, the need to understand and interpret these regulations have become very challenging and companies cannot afford to spend their time on deducing these or else they will face huge losses in its core businesses. Keeping this in mind, Premier Brains, a tax consultant in Dubai offers a wide variety of taxation services such as registration assistance, advisory services returns filing, and information sessions etc. They do this by employing few of the top tax consultants who will assist the businesses to better understand their Tax situation and the ensuing liability in the UAE.

  14. NSKT Global

    NSKT Global is a certified tax agent providing high-quality services in VAT registration, Preparation, submission, and filing of VAT returns, book-keeping, representation before the regulatory authority etc. The team of tax experts at NSKT Global manage all tax affairs associated with their client’s business and ensure their clients do not face any hassles in the smooth functioning of tax filings and dissolving tax obligations. Their tax team provides the suitable solutions for various tax matters and issues that their clients and help them in running their business efficiently without any non-compliance pertaining to tax matters.

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How Aviaan Accounting can help with Taxation

Aviaan Accounting can provide valuable assistance with taxation-related matters for individuals and businesses through their expertise and comprehensive services. Here are some ways in which Aviaan Accounting can help with taxation:

1. Tax Planning and Compliance: Aviaan Accounting professionals can help clients navigate the complex tax laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with all applicable tax requirements. They can provide guidance on tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities legally and optimize tax savings.

2. Tax Return Preparation: Aviaan Accounting can prepare and file accurate tax returns for individuals, businesses, partnerships, corporations, and other entities. Their expertise ensures that all eligible deductions, credits, and exemptions are claimed, and tax returns are filed on time to avoid penalties.

3. Tax Consulting and Advisory: Aviaan Accounting can offer tax consulting services to help clients understand the tax implications of various business decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, or expansion into new markets. Their advice can help clients make informed decisions and mitigate potential tax risks.

4. Representation in Tax Audits and Disputes: In the event of a tax audit or dispute with tax authorities, Aviaan Accounting can represent clients and provide professional support. Their professionals can prepare the necessary documentation, communicate with tax authorities, and advocate for their clients’ interests.

5. International Taxation: For businesses operating globally, Aviaan Accounting can assist with international tax planning and compliance. Their expertise can help clients navigate cross-border tax issues, transfer pricing regulations, and tax treaties to minimize global tax burdens.

6. Estate and Gift Tax Planning: Aviaan Accounting can provide guidance on estate and gift tax planning strategies to help clients minimize the tax impact on wealth transfers and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

7. Tax Research and Updates: Aviaan Accounting stays up-to-date with the latest tax laws, regulations, and changes, enabling them to provide clients with accurate and timely advice. Their expertise can help clients adapt to new tax policies and take advantage of potential opportunities.

By leveraging Aviaan Accounting’s taxation services, individuals and businesses can benefit from professional guidance, accurate tax planning and compliance, and potential tax savings, allowing them to focus on their core operations while ensuring they meet their tax obligations efficiently

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