Top VAT Consultants in Abu Dhabi (2023)

VAT Consultant Services in Abu Dhabi are equipped and trained in the concepts of Value Added Tax Abu Dhabi. VAT levied on supply goods and services in Abu Dhabi is governed by the Federal Tax authority. Abu Dhabi demands a firm to get VAT registration and file VAT returns once annual sales exceed AED 375,000. VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi give:

  • VAT return filing
  • VAT audit
  • VAT consultation and
  • Representation services

Complying with VAT requires businesses to file monthly returns and submit an audit report. VAT consultants in Dubai give all services relating to the VAT law.

Aviaan Accounting 

Aviaan Accounting is one of the top Vat Consultant Services in Abu Dhabi. They provide quality services in Abu Dhabi. Aviaan Accounting knows the details of the VAT law and secures companies to comply with legal obligations.

Deloitte & Touche

Deloitte’s VAT consultants know the particulars of law, the importance of industry insight, and the emerging significance of technology. They are competent and proficient VAT Consultant Services in Abu Dhabi.

Ernst & Young

EY, a Top VAT Consultants in Abu Dhabi, uses innovative practices to assists clients turn legal compliance into a positive opportunity. They help clients make the precise decisions with their VAT implementation that help shape business value.


KPMG, a Top VAT Consultant in Abu Dhabi, leads and executes compliance with legal VAT commitments to support businesses. They help reduce legal issues due to non-compliance with VAT laws and business owners without full VAT recovery.


PwC uses influences in bringing change in tax laws by actively discussing with tax officials and governments. It is a top VAT Consultant in Abu Dhabi regarding the nature and scope of its tax practice and standing. 

Why Hire a VAT Consultant Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

  • Calculation of VAT applying best methods in the world.
  • Provide tailor-made VAT Consulting agreeing with the needs of the clients.
  • Professional and Proficient in VAT laws and regulations.
  • Reviews effects of VAT on businesses.
  • Analyze business activities for VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE.
  • Assist the VAT audits and representation with VAT officials.
  • Guide clients to perform the VAT processes with ease.