How much you need to spend on the Accounting Department in Dubai, UAE


Accounting expenses are a component of the overhead expenses of a business. Overhead costs are costs that do not explicitly transform into financial gain. Even though these costs may not convert to profit, they are essential to execute your business.

Occasionally, companies try to understand where and why they should allocate the budget to enhance accounting functions. Usually, this derives from the consideration that the company overpays its accounting and bookkeeping in Dubai, UAE and underlines the drive to develop efficiency and reduce costs. Although the two may not always be tightly correlated, there are several areas to develop across the board right from improving the results to cutting the costs incurred.

Importance of the accounting department in a business

The Chief financial officer position has become a key figure in strategy formulation. It is expected to clearly explain the relative merits and probable risks of competing alternatives for capital investment. Presently, the Financial officer uses facts that are tricky to debate and enforces level-headed decision-making. Nevermore acquisitions relying on the intuition of the CEO. No more diving into a new market, as that is what rivalry seems to be doing.

The costs that a business will incur on accounting and bookkeeping will depend on several variables. Size and production process of the company, the number of monthly transactions, number of staff as well as how paychecks are processed, number of expense accounts, credit cards, invoices being sent, bills to be paid, number of account balances to be reconciled, etc.   In addition to the above-mentioned accounting activities, the costs will also be affected by the way in which the accounting systems, policies, and practices and reporting needs are established.

There is no trick method used to determine how much a business should spend on its bookkeeping, accounting, and controller operations. A few costs are the product of the system like, sometimes staff in urban centres and metro areas will obviously have higher pay levels than in rural areas. Other expenses may be a product of a history which can be more quickly resolved by combining new technology with updated internal and external expenses.

Is there a formula for calculating accounting expenses?

It is not possible to advise a company to specifically spend “X per cent” of its earnings on its accounting expenses. It would simply not be responsible not to take into consideration the complexity of their unique business and financial reporting needs.

For example, if there is a requirement for highly specialized controller supervision and advanced reporting or perhaps you have major job cost reporting needs or inventory management issues then, there will be a need for a greater depth of understanding among the employees. This will directly increase the costs, and you’ll have to pay for this amount of expertise and skills development. The personal costs will be much lower for very basic monthly reconciliations. However, there are other aspects that are needed to be looked at for cost-effectiveness.

The Technology costs for Accounting in Dubai, UAE

Many businesses and company owners are curious about the accounting technologies to be used and their integrations and automation options. They occasionally use the best available options for their needs, and cost and efficiency considerations are rarely identified in their internal review processes.

On the one side of the coin, the internal employees are not trained on a regular basis to focus and search for enhanced technological efficiency — it is merely not a primary concern or a necessity for their roles. In addition, the fear of replacing human assistance has always been lingering to discourage employees from investigating automated advancements. So, several companies forget to look at accounting technology options or have no idea about how or where to begin from. 

The five major technology innovations which can be extremely beneficial to any CFO are: 

  • Cloud-based accounting 
  • Customized integration solutions 
  • Minimization of manual entries by using optical character recognition
  • Using the new innovations in tax software 
  • Switching to mobile applications 

With regard to how much of the costs should really be apportioned to technology or human resources, it will be a mixture of the automation needs, present technological implementation and expert knowledge requirements. The best way to approach for assessing whether the costs and return on investment are acceptable for the business is by examining the outcome from the staff and systems of the business.

It can be challenging to explore integrations and implementations, especially when one is trying to decide which applications to implement in one’s business. The three most important features to be considered while integrating different accounting software in order to make sure that the benefits received through the integrations are at par with the investments made are: –

  • Improves data aggregation: keeping the data synced between multiple applications 
  • Reduction in data entry: the redundant process of data entry should become as automated as possible as spending time to manual enter the data is not an optimal use of time and reduces the productivity
  • Establishing an automated workflow: When we take away the requirement to enter data manually, we open the possibility to automate the review, approval, and processing operations of the bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Does the company get what it needs and when it needs it? Does all this convert into implementable data?  Is the company missing anything that it wants or something that it needs to discard?   When the company gets everything that it needs and it all works out, it merely needs to verify if there are any cost improvements or positive changes that it can make.

However, if one finds out that the company is missing something it needs, then it needs to begin from the perspective of improving the quality of results on a priority basis and then evaluate the apportionment of costs. 

Nobody wants to invest much of the working day on accounting tasks. But then one is supposed to make the time he/she spends on accounting. Use an easy software platform to swiftly record transactions. For challenging tasks, consult an accountant to assist. Finding the right balance among money and time spent on the books will help to maintain the accounting costs of the business on track.

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