How to traverse the complexities of Company Incorporation in Dubai?


Are you on the lookout to venture into Dubai to set up your company?

As you know, starting up fresh in a foreign country is fraught with various difficulties including but not restricted to legal procedures and compliance complexities that are must for company incorporation, especially in Dubai. One would require a reliable partner to help you traverse through all the legal complexities with ease such as Aviaan Accounting, a leading advisory firm in Dubai. Aviaan Accounting has the clientele that includes multinational companies, domestic organisations and recently they have expanded their scope of business by offering their services to the SME’s and MSME’s too. They offer their services to clients with ventures in sectors such as Retail, Oil &Gas, Construction, Education and Healthcare and more.

As a team of Chartered Accountants, Aviaan Accounting has the competence and experience to assist you in starting any business. They provide various services in Accounting, Auditing, Translating, Documenting, Attestation etc. which are essential for incorporating a new venture in Dubai.

Preparing your documentation, receiving the required business license notification, opening your corporate account, and completing your visa process is done in a matter of days, without any ado at Aviaan Accounting.

Complicated Services Made Easy at Aviaan Accounting

  • Auditing Services: Every member company of DMCC has to be audited. We ensure that your company meets all laws and regulations, make the tax planning process easier and ensure that the company is audited well.
  • Cloud Accounting: We extend our services to make sure that your business data is well-secured through Cloud Accounting.
  • VAT Audit Requirements: We provide a detailed examination of all your business records and prepare your books of accounts to meet VAT Audit requirements in Dubai.
  • Tax Agents: As tax agents registered with the FTA, we represent your company in fulfilling your tax obligations and help to exercise your tax rights.
  • Internal Auditors: We work as Internal Auditors to handle your finances and policies of your company and also record the company’s resources.
  • Payroll Management Services: We offer Payroll Management services in Dubai, wherein we ensure that employees are paid justly and on time.
  • Attestations Services: Every businessman loves to establish his business in Dubai and we provide all Attestation Services in Dubai and ensure that the process of attestation is easy and quickly done.
  • Translation Services: We offer translation services to break language barriers so that communication in the local language is made easy to understand and follow.
  • Legal Procedures: Even in the case of dire situations, where you would like to wind up your business, we look into all legal complexities involved and ensure that things are made easier for you to complete.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): We provide quality work that is error-free through the application of Robotic Automation in Accounting.

Few Basic Services Explained in Detail

Professional Translators in Multiple Languages

The internet is used by almost half the world’s population and online content is available to people across countries in various languages to reach out to every nook and corner of the world. Our Aviaan Accounting team of translators can translate content into multiple languages. We have clients from large projects getting content translated into multiple projects. We are known for our cordial and professional work that provides the best customer service at an affordable price. You can reach out to your target audience in their natural language.

We meet Emerging Technology Needs

Emerging technology touches all areas of life. With business expansion done on a global level, communication plays an important role in the success of a business. If you are looking for new clients, Avian Accounting will keep you connected worldwide. Your business strategies will reach out to foreign markets with Avian Accounting providing valuable and accurate translation services.

Translation companies help to remove communication barriers. Spread your wings across the globe and make your services and products available worldwide using Aviaan Accounting translation services.

Best Translation Services from the Best Translation Company

At Aviaan Accounting we provide translation service not only to translate your message into another language, but we translate the content along with the local culture and uniqueness of the document intact. Your target user will feel comfortable if the content is revealed in his local language in a simple manner which makes them understand better. Services Rendered as a Translation Company At Aviaan Accounting, translation of any type of software, print, websites, booklets, medical information or instruction is made to suit all devices. When your mobile, laptop or tablet has user-friendly content, it attracts customers to read the message. Technical material such as documents, manuals, guidelines and technical specifications require perfect translation, especially while translating technical terms.

Graphics, visual representations and screenshots play a vital role in getting technical content conveyed easily. You can format and present such content through videos, PDF files and through eBooks easily through translated content. For a user, factual information and terminology require exact content translation.

Qualified Translators

Our translators are qualified degree holders who have experience in fields like education, legal, business, finance, and the medical sector. As a translation company, Aviaan Accounting provides services that involve large work volumes such as localization project. At Aviaan Accounting, we are known for our strict adherence to providing good quality control content.

Top Document Attestation Dubai

As you know, Dubai is a conglomerate of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah and Fujairah. If you are in need of a job in Dubai, you will find it easier if the content in the foreign language is made easier in the language you are familiar with, in which Aviaan Accounting provides the best service.

Documents Required

To move to Dubai, your documents have to be attested. At Aviaan Accounting we ensure that your documents get a seal or a stamp on it, to show that they have been verified by the concerned authorities.

Educational certificates such as school leaving certificates, degree and diploma certificates are a prerequisite, as they are proof of your educational qualification.

Non-educational certificates such as birth certificate, marriage (or divorce) certificate , medical certificate, and transfer certificate are an absolute necessity for submission. They produce vital information about your birth, legal status and health.

Commercial certificates are the most important for any business as they provide information about the financial status of your company, such as Trade License, Certificate of Registration, Power of Attorney, etc.

Making the Attestation Process Easier

Under our experienced hands, we will ensure that you get all your documents attested. So, just sit back and enjoy establishing your business, and leave the encumbering process of attestation to us. With the required knowledge regarding the rules and regulations to be followed, it is just a piece of cake for us to get the process done. We ensure that you get the Notary Attestation, Home Department Attestation, Ministry of External Affairs Attestation, UAE Embassy Attestation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation, at the earliest.

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