Improving Cash Flow


The client came to us from a medium-sized accountancy firm who had previously performed year-end compliance and accounts work for them. The client was unfortunately in cashflow difficulties.

Requirements Assessment

The client needed to acquire funding for growth of the business, reduce taxes for business, to increase the cash in their bank and support the owners throughout the business life cycle

Our Solution

We assisted the client in raising funding to support capital expenditure purchase and growth in operations, putting cashflow controls in place and were an integral part of the budgeting and reporting process which helped to drive significant performance improvements.

We now operate as their Virtual CFO and meet quarterly to discuss the firm’s overall strategy and opportunities for growth, funding and saving tax.


Just five years after start-up, the company now enjoys a huge turnover and in the last financial year made a huge net profit.

In total over 5 years, we have been directly responsible for increasing the client’s net worth in addition to the support and advice which has enabled them to grow the business, and they view us as valuable member of their team.