Increasing cash flow and profitability


The client managed business with 5 directors wishing to grow the business’s cash flow and profitability. The board did not undertake monthly board meetings, regular management reporting or have clear financial control systems in place to maximise the shareholders’ wealth.

Requirements Assessment

Create detailed business plan, funding models and forecasts to support the growth stage of the business, Develop internal financial management systems to closely monitor the performance of projects, departments and team members and Support the owners throughout the growth of the business.

Our Solution

We assisted the client in:- 

  • Raising suitable growth funding. 
  • Putting financial controls in place. 
  • Implement the budgeting and management reporting process which helps to obtain the information needed for the external investors and management team.


The client was able to obtain grant funding and equity investment to support the growth in operations, identify suitable tax reliefs for the business, develop a clear financial management system. 

They now generate monthly management reports to support the business growth and spot key strengths and weaknesses within the business. This information is important to the directors and drives decision making and strategy focus.

In a few years, we have been directly responsible for increasing the profitability of the business and adding to the value of the business. Besides, we have provided board-level support and advice which has enabled them to grow the business, and they view us as a valuable member of their team.