Top Business Valuation Companies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Many of these firms are part of large global networks but also have local Dutch valuation experts deeply familiar with the market, industry sectors, and regulatory environment in the Netherlands.

These companies have dedicated valuation advisory practices in the Netherlands, providing services like:

  • Business and share valuations
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Impairment testing
  • Intangible asset valuations
  • Valuations for tax purposes
  • Fairness opinions
  • Litigation support and expert witness services

Top Business Valuation Companies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Grant Thorton (Business Valuation Company in Netherlands)

– Grant Thornton is one of the world’s largest professional services networks with a strong presence in the Netherlands.
– Their valuation advisory services in the Netherlands are provided through Grant Thornton Valuations B.V.
– The Dutch valuation team has decades of combined experience valuing businesses, shares, intangible assets, real estate and other assets.

– Business and share valuations for transactions, financial reporting, tax planning, restructuring and litigation
– Purchase price allocations for acquisitions
– Impairment testing of goodwill, intangibles and fixed assets
– Valuations for financial reporting under IFRS and Dutch GAAP
– Valuations for tax purposes like transfer pricing studies
– Fairness opinions and valuations for distressed businesses

– Industry experience across sectors like manufacturing, retail, technology, real estate, energy and financial services
– Specializations in valuations for family-owned businesses and private equity/venture capital
– Leverage valuation thought leadership and best practices from Grant Thornton International

– Main valuation hubs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven
– But also have valuation professionals in other Dutch offices

Aviaan Accounting (Business Valuation Company in Netherlands)

1. Business Valuations:
– Valuations of entire businesses/companies for purposes like M&A transactions, management buyouts, partner exits, corporate restructuring, litigation etc.
– Approaches used include income approach (discounted cash flow), market approach (comparable companies/transactions), and asset-based approach.

2. Share Valuations:
– Valuing equity shares/ownership interests in companies for purposes like estate/gift taxes, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), shareholder disputes etc.

3. Purchase Price Allocations (PPA):
– For acquisition accounting under accounting standards like IFRS/US GAAP
– Allocating the purchase price to tangible and intangible assets acquired
– Determining fair values of assets/liabilities assumed

4. Impairment Testing:
– Assessing if assets like goodwill, intangible assets or long-lived assets are impaired for financial reporting
– Determining recoverable/fair value of assets using valuation techniques

5. Intangible Asset Valuations:
– Valuing specific intangible assets like customer relationships, technology, brands, patents etc.
– Commonly used for financial reporting, taxation, transfer pricing, transactions

6. Tax Valuations:
– Valuation analyses for tax planning and compliance purposes
– Estate/gift tax valuations, transfer pricing studies, corporate restructuring valuations etc.

7. Fairness Opinions:
– An independent assessment of the fairness of a transaction price from a financial point of view

Duff & Phelps (Business Valuation Firm in Netherlands)

– Duff & Phelps is a global advisory firm with expertise in valuation, corporate finance, disputes and regulatory consulting.
– Their valuation advisory services group is one of the largest and most renowned in the valuation industry.
– They have over 1,000 valuation professionals globally serving clients from offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Valuation Services:
– Business enterprise valuations for transactions, tax planning, financial reporting, litigation support and other purposes
– Valuation of intangible assets like brands, technology, customer relationships etc.
– Purchase price allocations and goodwill impairment testing for acquisitions
– Equity compensation / stock option valuations
– Portfolio valuations of funds, investments and alternative assets
– Fairness and solvency opinions for transactions
– Transfer pricing and tax valuation services

Industry Expertise:
– Dedicated valuation practice teams focused on sectors like financial services, healthcare, energy, technology, industrials etc.
– Leveraging deep industry knowledge along with technical valuation capabilities

KPMG (Business Valuation Consultancy in Netherlands)

– KPMG is one of the “Big Four” professional services firms globally and has a dedicated Valuation Services practice.
– Their valuation team comprises over 1,600 professionals across more than 60 countries.
– In addition to valuation, KPMG also offers advisory services around deals, strategy, transformation and more.

Valuation Capabilities:
– Business enterprise valuations for transactions like M&A, joint ventures, divestitures
– Equity valuations for corporate restructuring, employee share schemes, dispute resolution
– Valuation of intangible assets like brands, patents, technology for accounting and tax purposes
– Purchase price allocations for acquisition accounting
– Impairment testing of goodwill, intangible assets and long-lived assets
– Valuations for financial reporting under IFRS, US GAAP and other accounting standards
– Tax valuations including transfer pricing studies

Industry Focus:
– KPMG has dedicated valuation professionals focused on key industry sectors like financial services, technology, energy, consumer markets, healthcare and others.
– This allows combining valuation expertise with deep industry knowledge.

Thought Leadership:
– Issues publications and research studies related to valuation topics and best practices.
– Hosts seminars, training programs and conferences around valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are intangible assets valued? Intangible assets like brands, technology, and customer relationships are commonly valued using income approaches like the relief-from-royalty method or multi-period excess earnings method.
  2. What accounting standards govern valuations for financial reporting? Valuations for Dutch companies need to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Dutch GAAP, depending on the reporting requirements.
  3. Are there any Dutch-specific considerations for tax valuations? Valuations for Dutch tax purposes need to follow the guidelines and regulations set by the Dutch tax authorities, such as the Dutch Transfer Pricing Decree
  4. How are valuations for family-owned businesses handled? Valuation firms often have specialized teams for family-owned businesses, considering factors like succession planning, shareholder agreements, and family dynamics.

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