Top Business Valuation Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, China

Valuation professionals of below companies should provide a wide range of services including business valuations for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, purchase price allocations for financial reporting, valuations for restructuring and insolvency situations, as well as tax and litigation support valuations. They leverage robust valuation methodologies like discounted cash flows, multiples, and asset approaches backed by in-depth industry knowledge.

Deloitte China (Business Valuation Company in China)

Services Offered:
– M&A Valuations – Acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, fairness opinions
– Financial Reporting Valuations – Purchase price allocations, impairment testing, share-based compensation
– Tax Valuations – Transfer pricing, restructuring valuations
– Valuations for Disputes – Shareholder litigation, intellectual property disputes
– Portfolio Valuations – Investment portfolios, financial instruments
– Restructuring Valuations – Insolvency/liquidation valuations

Specialized Capabilities:
– Valuation of intangible assets like brands, technology, customer relationships
– Complex securities and derivatives valuations
– Embedded value calculations for insurance products

Industry Coverage:
Deloitte has dedicated valuation teams focusing on major industry sectors like financial services, technology, energy & resources, consumer, life sciences and manufacturing.

Standard techniques like discounted cash flow, market multiples, comparable transactions and cost approaches adhering to Chinese accounting standards.

Top Business Valuation Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, China

KPMG China (Business Valuation Company in China)

Valuation Services Offered:

– M&A Valuations – For acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures
– Financial Reporting Valuations – Purchase price allocation, impairment testing, share-based payments
– Restructuring Valuations – For insolvency, liquidation, reorganization situations
– Valuations for Tax Planning – Transfer pricing, restructuring valuations
– Dispute Valuations – Shareholder disputes, intellectual property litigation
– Portfolio Valuations – Investment portfolios, financial instruments

Specialized Capabilities:
– Valuation of intangible assets like brands, technology, customer relationships
– Valuations of complex capital instruments, derivatives
– Embedded value calculations for insurance products

Industry Focus:
KPMG has dedicated valuation teams focused on major sectors in China such as financial services, technology, energy, consumer markets, life sciences and industrial manufacturing.

Presence in China:
Valuation professionals based across Greater China regions – mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau supporting local and multinational clients.

Aviaan Accounting (Business Valuation Company in China)

Service Offerings:
– Business Valuations – For M&A, restructuring, financial reporting, tax planning
– Intangible Asset Valuations – Brands, technology, customer relationships etc.
– Asset Valuations – Plant, machinery, real estate and securities valuations
– Valuation Modeling and Advisory – Building valuation models, second opinions
– Corporate Finance Advisory – M&A advisory, transaction support, due diligence

Sector Expertise:
Aviaan has worked across major industries in China including manufacturing, consumer markets, technology, healthcare, energy and real estate.

Valuation Approaches:
They employ standard valuation methodologies like discounted cash flows, market multiples, asset accumulation adhering to Chinese regulations and global best practices.

Professional Team:
The firm’s team comprises certified public valuators, chartered financial analysts, finance professionals with relevant valuation credentials and experience.

Ernst & Young (EY) (Business Valuation Firm in China)

Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the “Big Four” professional services firms and a leading provider of business valuation services in China. Here are some key details about EY’s business valuation practice in Beijing and Shanghai:

– EY’s Beijing office has a dedicated valuation and business modeling team that provides valuations for financial reporting, tax, and other commercial purposes.
– Their services include business enterprise valuations, intangible asset valuations, purchase price allocations, impairment testing, and valuations for corporate restructuring.
– They serve clients across various industries like technology, manufacturing, real estate, energy, financial services etc.
– Key valuation specialists in Beijing include partners like Jacky Tang and Alex Wan.

– The Shanghai valuation team provides similar services as the Beijing team for clients across eastern China.
– Focus areas include financial reporting valuations (purchase price allocation, impairment testing), tax valuations, and valuations for transactions/restructuring.
– The team has experience across sectors like industrial products, automotive, retail/consumer, life sciences and more.
– Notable valuation partners in Shanghai include Wang Ran and Jeffrey Tang.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do valuations differ for state-owned enterprises (SOEs) vs private companies? Valuations for SOEs often involve unique considerations like assessing state-ownership advantages/disadvantages and following specific regulatory guidance. Private company valuations tend to be more straightforward.
  2. What are the challenges in valuing companies in China? Key challenges include dealing with limited data transparency, assessing growth/discount rates, understanding complex regulatory regimes, and adjusting for country risks
  3. Are foreign valuations accepted for Chinese companies? Chinese accounting/tax authorities prefer domestic valuations, but foreign valuations are accepted if they follow Chinese valuation standards and practices.
  4. How are valuations for cross-border M&A deals handled? They typically involve input from valuation experts in both countries, reconciling differences in standards/methodologies used.

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