Virtual Accountant Services in Dubai, UAE

Virtual Accountant Services in Dubai, UAE

Since the implementation of VAT in UAE in 2018 along with subsequent changes and updates in laws and regulations regarding economic substance, the need for accounting and bookkeeping assistance has been increased. Companies in Dubai, UAE especially small and medium-sized enterprises are mainly affected firstly because of the overloaded staff and secondly due to complex laws and severe penalties in case of non-compliance.

Aviaan accounting provides professional and experienced virtual consultants who are well-trained and aware of business accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting requirements. We handle financial and management accounting systems including budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, variance analysis, overhead costs, and tax payable while maintaining compliance with accounting laws.

What Accounting Services Aviaan Accounting Offer in Dubai, UAE?

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in managing the end-to-end financial aspect of large and small organizations across multiple industry sectors in Dubai, UAE. Our accounting services include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statements Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounting Software
  • IFRS and GAAP Compliance

Role of Virtual Accountant in Dubai, UAE

  • To develop, execute, and monitor strategic financial goals.
  • Provide business acumen to the internal and external business environment.
  • To function as a great communicator with possessing strong interpersonal skills.
  • To understand the business operations to ensure all key areas are adequately funded and aligned.

Importance of Virtual Accounting in Dubai, UAE

Delivers Financial and Analytical Insight: A virtual accountant helps you to understand optimal price and profit goal setting, ratios, and much more. They suggest ways to improve business operations in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders. Also, they monitor costs, revenues, expenses, and profit margins consistently.

Manage Corporate Tax Affairs: Assist the company in identifying and avoiding any fraudulent activity and money leaks along with finding ways for financial remodeling to reduce your overall tax liabilities and financial worries.

Develop Operational Framework: A Virtual accountant in Dubai, UAE strengthen operational framework through contingency planning, continuous process improvement, and change management. It enables you to reduce business risk, save time, and eliminate stress.

Cash flow and Profitability Management: A virtual accountant assesses back-office operations and helps to attain financial clarity and control. Facilitate company in capitalizing new business opportunities and initiating new streams of revenue.

Management Reporting: Virtual accountant is responsible to ensure the accuracy of financial reports and statements so that corporate leaders and senior management can make informed decisions regarding future endeavors of the company.

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting for Virtual Accounting Service in Dubai, UAE?

Aviaan Accounting’s primary objective is to satisfy the needs and requirements of the client in a cost-effective and timely manner. For this purpose, we deploy the latest technology and cloud-based accounting system in Abu Dhabi, UAE to attain all the information from the company without any hassle. Furthermore, our team ensures sufficient resources are dedicated to each client and a supervision mechanism is always in place to deliver high-quality work. We offer the following intangibles:

  • Collaborative working structure
  • Complete transparency and accessibility
  • Professional advisory and consultancy services in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Flexibility as per company requirements

Contact us at or +971567952590 to know more about our virtual accounting service in Dubai, UAE.

For enquiries, call +971 5679 52590 / E-mail:

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