What is ICV Certificate Validity in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

What is ICV Certificate Validity

The ICV certificate in Dubai, UAE is valid for 18 months from the date of issue of the certificate or once financial statements for the new financial year are issued whichever is earlier. The suppliers must have a renewed ICV certificate with them after the audit of financial statements within 2 months. 

Every company willing to become a supplier for ADNOC requires an ICV Certificate given by ADNOC empaneled Certifying Body. ICV certification needs to be obtained even for doing business with any of ADNOC’s group companies. 

ADNOC suppliers by declaring their ICV Certificate and ICV score in Dubai, UAE for the past financial year fulfil the requirement to demonstrate how they are helping deliver In-Country Value. ICV appraisal as part of the tender evaluation and award process is a key element in the business partnership with ADNOC. ADNOC designated confirmation organization should be approached by suppliers for ICV affirmation.

The ICV certificate program in Dubai, UAE aims to enhance the local economy, strengthen supply chains, increase the role of UAE citizens in the private sector, and create technically skilled labour for local companies. It would drive GDP growth, help UAE citizens get into the private sector, and give neighbouring organizations the key to participating in ADNOC contracts and procurement.

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