Who are the best Audit service providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE (2023)

Audit Service Providers in Dubai are trained and qualified in the field of Audit in Dubai. An audit is an evaluation of the company records. It makes sure that it complies with the various laws and regulations imposed by the government. The primary purpose is to verify whether the financial statements and records of the company are accurate.

Audit Service Providers in Dubai provide Financial Audit, Risk Management Audit, Company Liquidation Audit, and Internal Audit. Audit Service Providers in Dubai provide all services relating to it.

Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan Accounting is one of the best Audit Service Providers in Dubai. Aviaan Accounting uses state-of-the-art auditing tools to ensure that the services offered are suited for particular needs. They have made significant investments in digital technology as well as innovation to empower their clients.


Deloitte, one of the best Audit Service Providers in Dubai, is always ready to act ahead. Auditing is more than just about the numbers. It is about corroborating current accomplishments and challenges and helping to assure a strong base for plans.

Ernst & Young

Audits are the salient elements of effective capital markets. EY auditors, one of the best Audit Service Providers in Dubai, use their knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver high-quality audits with independence, integrity, objectivity, and professionalism.


Audits give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets. KPMG, one of the best Audit Service Providers in Dubai, is committed to consistently delivering quality audits. KPMG is forefront in driving the future of audit.


PwC, one of the best Audit Service Providers in Dubai, provides clients intelligent and resourceful services. PwC experts analyse every aspect of clients’ activities, providing real value to their business and underpinning investor confidence.

Why Hire Best Audit Service Providers in Dubai?

The audit report is vital for the company to prove its financial transparency and credibility to the external and internal stakeholders. Other benefits of audit report include:

  • Enhancement of Company Credit Rating
  • Assessment of Internal Financial Controls
  • Detailed Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Getting an additional perspective of Organization