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Audit Companies in Dubai

Aviaan Accounting is the leading external audit firm in Dubai. Auditors in Dubai play a significant role in adding value to the ongoing operations of the company by identifying the underperforming areas, strengthening the corporate governance structure, and enhancing productivity.

You will receive the following benefits through our internal and external audit firm in UAE:

  • Strong internal control and business structure
  • Implementation of best practices and procedures
  • Maintain compliance with laws and regulations
  • Enhance operational effectiveness
  • Identify and remove non-value-adding activities

At Aviaan, our team of experts is equipped to analyze client companies’ financial statements and accounts in line with international financial regulations. We are dedicated to providing accurate, credible, and transparent audit services in Dubai, UAE that meet the highest standards of quality to ensure client satisfaction.

Audit Firms in Dubai

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Audit Firms in Dubai

Every small and large business organization in Dubai, UAE needs the assistance of external audit firms in order to meet legal regulations and compliances. Services offered by Audit firms in Dubai, UAE play an important role in assessing the financial value and standing of the company. An Audit provides an unbiased and fair opinion on the financial health of a company.

Below are the main reasons you should consider taking the help of external audit firms in Dubai, UAE:

  • Statutory Audit Firms in Dubai: The statutory audit report serves as a means to enhance the company/firm’s credibility as well as reliability.
  • Client Evaluation by Audit Companies in Dubai: It helps in being proactive before doing any kind of business for prospective clients in evaluating the business/company.

Aviaan – Among Leading Audit Firms in Dubai

Aviaan Auditing is a Dubai based leading accounting and auditing firm in the UAE. We have been providing the best auditing services in UAE to our clients. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals to cater to our clients’ various accounting and auditing needs.

Our best auditors in Dubai, UAE are well-equipped with modern tools and experience to provide you with every type of auditing service in the UAE. Whether you seek conventional auditing firms in UAE or special audits, our professional auditors can help you in the best possible way.

Our auditors and accountants provide valued services to our clients in the UAE. Our team of professionals comes with years of multi-industry experience that enables us to provide the best quality auditing services in Dubai to our clients.

Our auditing team has extensive experience in auditing for MNCs across the UAE, the US, and Europe. We ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of the financial statements of our client’s businesses.

Our auditors in Dubai, UAE follow strict accounting and financial standards as per International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our unique approach is to understand the needs of our clients. We identify their business structure and develop an understanding of the regulatory and auditing requirements. We provide tailor-made services to our different types of auditing firms in Dubai.

Audit firms in Dubai

Key Types of Auditing Services in Dubai by Audit Firms in Dubai

Some of our top auditing services in the UAE by Aviaan Accounting – ranked among top audit firms in Dubai are listed below:

1. External Audit

External audit refers to the examination of the financial statements of a business. The External audit provides objective and fair opinion on the accuracy and compliance of the financial statements of a business.

External audits in Dubai, UAE provide useful information on the financial performance of a business. It fulfills the needs of the company shareholders, top management, and regulatory institutes.

Check out our comprehensive External Auditing Services in Dubai.

2. Internal Audit

Internal Auditing is the process of ensuring the effective implementation of internal controls developed by an organization. The top management of a business formulates the governance structure of a business and develops internal controls.

The role of internal auditors in Dubai, UAE is to identify the implementation of internal controls to increase the efficiency and performance of a business. Internal auditing services in Dubai also help management in compliance with regulatory laws in the UAE.

Check out our comprehensive Internal Auditing Services in Dubai.

3. Compliance Audit

Compliance audit refers to the evaluation of a company’s adherence to regulatory and law requirements. The scope of compliance auditing in Dubai can be broader than financial compliance. It can include operational, taxation, employee remuneration, Anti-money laundering, VAT, ESR, and other business functions.

Our professionals can help your business management develop effective governance and compliance controls. We ensure that your business is compliant with local and international regulatory and law requirements.

Find out more about our Compliance Auditing Services in Dubai here.

4. Forensic Audit

Forensic auditing refers to the special investigative inquiries about a business’s internal operations. It helps businesses in identifying and managing risks arising from financial crimes, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, misconduct, and non-compliance with laws.

Our Forensic auditing services in UAE can help you manage and reduce the reputational damage and compliance risks for your business. We ensure our valued clients achieve the highest level of business integrity through effective forensic auditing services.

Find out more about our Forensic Auditing Services in Dubai.

5. Financial Controls

Financial control Auditing refers to the comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the Standard Operating Procedures in place. It ranges from covering accounting and financial statements, record-keeping, resource allocation, budgets, and financial risk management.

Our expert auditors in Dubai evaluate the effectiveness of financial controls in place for your business. We adopt a holistic approach by covering each aspect of the financial performance of your business.

Check out our comprehensive Financial Controls Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE.

6. Operational Audit

The Purpose of operational auditing services is to examine the operational efficiency of a company. It provides useful information on the effective utilization of company resources. It indicates the operational efficiency of a business in terms of profits, production capacity, external benchmarking, innovation, research and development, and internal controls.

Our team of professional and experienced auditors can help you with Operational Auditing Services in Dubai.

7. Information Technology and Systems Audit

Information technology (IT) and information system (IS) have become integral parts of modern businesses. It is a great enabler of business and economic success around the world. At the same time, it comes with several risks and threats for businesses.

Our qualified and skilled auditors in Dubai, UAE are equipped with the right tools to review your business IT and IS systems. We’ll ensure that your business has the right IT controls, integrity, and confidentiality in place.

Check out more about our specialized IT and Information Systems Auditing Services in Dubai.

8. Business Valuation Audit

Whether you want to form a new company in the UAE, sell, or buy an existing business; you’ll need expert advice. Our professional and qualified personnel will make sure you have the right business valuation and complete the transaction smoothly.

We can help you with all business valuation processes. Our experts will use multiple methods to ensure you get the right business valuation services in Dubai, UAE.

Find out more about our Business Valuation Services in Dubai here.

9. Special Audits and Reviews– VAT and ESR

Special audits, reviews, and investigations are conducted at the special request of a company’s top management. Special audits and reviews can be conducted to examine special financial compliance, corruption, misconduct, or breach of internal controls.

An important task for special auditors in Dubai, UAE can be to ensure that businesses comply with regulatory changes accurately. Our professional auditors can provide you the special auditing services in UAE for compliance issues such as VAT and ESR.

Check out our Special Auditing and Review Services in UAE here.

10. Risk and Assurance Advisory

A business can face several types of financial and compliance risks. Risk and assurance services ensure that a business has in place effective internal controls and risk management systems.

Our expert auditors and professionals in Dubai, UAE can help you formulate an effective risk and assurance management policy. We’ll ensure that your business integrates the risk management policy in every department effectively.

You can find more details on our Assurance and Risk Advisory Services in Dubai.

Aviaan – Among Best Auditing Firms in Free Zones in Dubai, UAE

Aviaan stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of auditing firms within the thriving business landscape of the UAE. Our unwavering commitment to delivering highest level of accounting and auditing services extends across the entire UAE, catering to the diverse needs of businesses spanning various industries.

What sets us apart is our specialised expertise in auditing services tailored specifically for companies operating within the UAE’s prominent free zones. These free zones, known for their dynamic and competitive environments, demand the highest level of compliance and adherence to stringent regulatory requirements. Aviaan Accounting not only understands the unique challenges posed by free zone operations but excels in navigating them with finesse.

Our team of professional auditors in Dubai, UAE, is well-versed in the intricacies of free zone regulations, ensuring that your business remains in full compliance while maximizing its operational potential.

With a deep understanding of the free zone landscape, our auditors meticulously scrutinize financial records, ensuring accuracy and integrity. Our commitment to transparency and precision ensures that your business remains on the right side of the law while optimizing financial efficiency.

Whether you operate in The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) or any other free zones of Dubai, our dedicated team at Aviaan is ready to assist you every step of the way. We stand as a trusted partner for businesses in free zones across the UAE. With deep understanding of local regulations and technical prowess, our seasoned auditors provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Experience the difference that Aviaan brings to the table as one of the best auditing firms in free zones in UAE. With us by your side, your business can thrive while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and financial integrity.

دراسة الجدوى وأبحاث السوق لتغليف المواد الغذائية في المملكة العربية السعودية ودبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة
Audit firms in Dubai

Benefits of Audit Firms in Dubai

Audit Firms in Dubai provide companies with an independent and objective view of their financial position after analyzing cash flows, working capital, and business accounts. UAE government has stringent rules and regulations for small, medium, and large size organizations and most companies are unable to conduct a fair assessment of all transactions, which can lead to legal issues. In order to ensure compliance with laws, companies need to hire external audit firms in Dubai which will benefit them in following ways:

  • Expertise of Audit Firms in Dubai: Equipped with required expertise, knowledge, and experience
  • Detailed Assessment by Audit Firms in Dubai: Provide a holistic view of company financial health and standing
  • Compliance by Audit Firms in Dubai: Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations
  • Strengthen Company Market Position: Improve financial credibility of the company
  • Avoid legal issues: Prevent any fraudulent activity and misrepresentation

Why Aviaan Accounting is a Great Choice Among All Audit Firms in Dubai?

External audit firms play a crucial role in the success of any business in Dubai. Aviaan Accounting, the best audit firm in Dubai, provides assurance of value through its services. With an understanding of the constantly evolving auditing landscape, including regulatory changes, increased competition, and advancements in technology, Aviaan Accounting offers highly experienced professionals who provide insightful perspectives and support informed decision-making.

Moreover, being one of the best Audit Firms in Dubai, we are dedicated to using state-of-the-art auditing tools while following only the proven auditing methodologies to ensure that the audit services we offer are suited for your particular needs. To ensure our consultants deliver expert services, we continually develop their transaction, tax, and technology abilities and have made substantial investments in digital technology and innovation to enhance their capabilities. This helps us analyze both the risks as well as the potentials in our clients’ companies.  It also helps us identify problems and offer useful advice or expertise, which helps in the long run. We have re-designed our audit services in Dubai in a way that they cater not just to investors, stakeholders, the audit committee, etc. but also to others.

Our team of consultants in Dubai, UAE is chosen after careful consideration and evaluation of their qualifications and would surely be able to help you with your auditing needs with utmost efficiency. We work towards helping them develop their digital technology skills so that they can be kept abreast of all the changes in the field of audit. In simple terms Aviaan Accounting; top audit firm in Dubai strives towards offering different kinds of auditing services to its clients while ensuring top-notch professionalism and efficiency.

Audit Process


Audit Planning Client Understanding Risk Assessment Perform Tests of Controls Performing the Audit Audit Report
Research the audit scope before making a comprehensive audit plan Eliminating the risk of material misstatement in the financial statements Understanding the entity and its environment is primary to risk assessment Analysing the effectiveness of the system of controls used by the company in detecting or averting material misstatements Check whether the company’s accounting records are in compliance with the local and international regulations including IFRS Audit report reflects true and fair opinion on the financial statements
Maintaining Open Communications during  the Process Gather background information Identifying the relevant risks in the company Qualified opinion, if the auditor is not satisfied with the evidence or explanations
Conduct Process Walk-Throughs Understanding the environment Assess the probability of the misstatement in the records arising as a result of such risks Placing reliability on the systems of controls based on the efficiency of the control system in place Evidence, external confirmations, and internal controls are crucial for forming an auditor’s opinion.
Identify  Risks to the Organization, Process, or Function Obtain an understanding of the internal controls An Audit report could be considered as an appraisal of the company’s financial position that could be used by stakeholders
Obtain Data from reliable sources before starting fieldwork Identify the key areas that are prone to the risk of misstatements Action plan to address the risk to mitigate its effect on audit Weak controls warrant the use of substantive testing by auditor Use of sample check with ratios and comparisons for effective audit.

In case you have any kind of doubts with regards to external audit services, do not hesitate to contact us immediately; you can drop in an email or you can call us at or +971567952590 respectively. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Does every company need to get their audit done?

As per the Commercial Companies Law, Statutory audit in Dubai is mandatory for all companies. But the law is not the same for certain free zones. They have their own auditing requirement as per the applicable Free Zone Law.

What is the purpose behind conducting an Audit?

Audit is conducted to check the true and fair nature of an entity’s financial statements. It also examines whether statements are prepared as per the applicable framework, such as IFRS.

Is internal audit and External audit one and the same thing?

Certainly not, Internal audit report is used by the management, whereas external audit reports are required by stakeholders and creditors. Also, internal audit examines risks with respect to internal controls laid by the company, whereas external audit examines complete financial position of a business.


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