Bahrain Guide: How to apply for VAT Registration?

VAT in Bahrain
VAT Registration in Bahrain

VAT Registration Procedure in Bahrain

VAT was introduced in Bahrain on 1st January, 2019. The standard rate of 5% will be applicable on goods and services. However, there are few items on which tax will be subject to zero rated and exempt. Not all business entities will charge on the supplies made. Only the VAT registered business are eligible for charging VAT from the customer. The registration under VAT is of two kinds:

  1. Mandatory Registration
  2. Voluntary Registration

Mandatory Registration in Bahrain: A business entity must get itself registered under VAT law in Bahrain, if its aggregate taxable supplies exceeds or is expected to exceed BHD 37,500 in last 12 months. 

Voluntary Registration in Bahrain: A business entity may get itself registered under such law voluntarily if its aggregate taxable supplies exceed or is expected to exceed BHD 18,750 in last 12 months.

You must register yourself within 30 days of crossing such threshold.

Steps for VAT Registration in Bahrain

Step 1: Create a NBT profile

For this, the applicant must visit NBT site online portal and start the registration procedure by clicking on “Create NBT Profile”.

Step 2: Fill up the form with required Information

The applicant must fill up the form with the required information. Few details required are:

  • Taxpayer details (Legal name and form, contact details, VAT eligibility)
  • Commercial Registration details (its number, date , sector etc)
  • Financial Information (annual value of supplies and expenses, imports and exports)
  • Registrant details (Name, DOB, job title, ID number)

Step 3: Submit the request

After filing up of form, the taxpayer must submit the profile creation request. After submitting the form, the applicant will receive an e-mail from NBR officials, conform the submission and stating that the application is being processed.

Step 4: Approved

If the profile request has been approved by the authority then the applicant will receive Login credentials. These credentials will provide you access to the registration form.

Step 5: Complete the registration form in a “single click”

By this the VAT Registration process in Bahrain will be completed.

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