Virtual CFO (Part-Time CFO) Services in Oman

Virtual CFO (Part-Time CFO) Services in Oman

Aviaan Accounting provides high-quality virtual (part-time) CFO services based on financial competence, unwavering integrity, and ethical values.

With the advent of VAT Law in Oman, the need for virtual, cost-effective and experienced CFO has been increased. An effective Chief Financial Officer can pave an organization into an ever-growing trajectory by managing key financial processes encompassing risk management, financial reporting, forecasting, and statuary compliance. Virtual CFO service in Oman contributes towards the fiscal health of the company by strengthening its corporate governance structure and bolstering change management.

Why Need a Virtual CFO Service in Oman?

Every business entity needs to manage funds, oversee financial planning and execution, administer budgeting, and make investment decisions to ensure the smooth running of business operations. All these areas are covered by virtual CFO service providers through a trained and certified staff of professionals. Since all companies are not financially strong, hiring virtual CFO services in Oman allows companies to avail strategic, value-added financial solutions while keeping fixed costs at a minimal rate. Following are the situations that arise the need for a virtual CFO in Oman:

  • Issues/flaw in revenue, budget, cash, and expense management
  • When the company is unable to handle the exponential growth in business due to a lack of strategic direction
  • Need to oversee compliance to regulatory, legal, and industry requirements
  • Improvement in financial systems, controls, and processes is needed
  • Business communications and reporting to investors and regulating bodies needs amendments
  • Underperforming departments or subsidiaries

Role of Virtual CFO in Oman

CFO in Oman serves alongside CEO while keeping coordination among all directors and senior management and devising strategies and ensuring implementation at a gross-root level to achieve bottom-line goals.

  • Virtual CFO facilitates all departmental operations to enhance their productivity by removing non-value adding activities.
  • Virtual CFO in Oman develops and designs the supply chain and logistic function of the company with the aim to makes it cost-effective and competitive.
  • CFO propels digital transformation in the company to keep upper management updated and help them in making the decision on a real-time basis.
  • Virtual CFO in Oman design budget, ensure optimal resource utilization, and encourage informed investment decisions.
  • CFO maximizes return on investment, reduces operational cost, and improves company productivity.
  • CFO majorly contributes to all activities related to mergers and acquisitions.

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting as your Virtual CFO in Oman?

Aviaan Accounting‘s primary objective is to deliver financial, accounting, and bookkeeping services to its clients across all industry sectors. Our team is trained to cater to the requirement of a startup, growing business, multi-national organization, or local family-owned business through the personalized business solution. Our virtual CFO in Oman will be a part of our senior management team and serve as an insightful leader and strategic partner. We offer the following services in our virtual CFO package:

  • Profitability Planning and Analysis.
  • Company Budgeting and Financial Forecasting in Oman.
  • Management accounting and reporting system.
  • Fund Management and Investment planning.
  • Business planning and Project report preparation.
  • Management of Company’s Direct and Indirect taxation practice in Oman.
  • Development of company policies, procedures, and performance measures.

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