How to find an employer who is trustworthy? 


How to find an employer who is trustworthy? 

Every employee wish to work with a trustworthy employer. And it is really difficult to evaluate the trustworthiness of your boss. 

There are a couple of ways to know if the boss is trustworthy :

  1. Boss has good history of achievements and glories: They lead their teams for one mission and victory. Such bosses work together with the team to achieve desired results. They take the ownership of things and also work with dedication to achieve the results. They act like a true team player and involve them in all the team activities rather than by being aloof and bossy. They show a sense of dedication and responsibility towards completion of work. 
  2. Employer is faithful and honest: Boss with great business ethics and one who work with integrity. Person with no interest in politics and believes in following situational ethics are trustworthy bosses.
  3. Strong knowledge and possess great skill set: Boss with strong knowledge on the business front and various business process and one who have relevant skill set required to complete the job tasks are certainly trustworthy employer. Person who can guide their team members with his expertise and help them move in a right direction to perform tasks efficiently. 
  4. Admitting their own faults: Boss who admits their own faults and mistakes actually show that they have a sense of humility and accepts responsibility. They take the ownership of all the unmet challenges and failures too instead of blaming others. Such bosses never play a blame game or make any sort of excuse but work on team failures and put their efforts for future success.
  5. Your boss is employee centric: If your boss is employee centric and do not ignore their subordinates for any reason. Person who cares for their team members and for their well-being. Boss who have personal interest in his employee ‘s lives and knows about their aspirations and dreams. Also, trustworthy bosses care for their employees health and safety too. For instance a good trustworthy boss will also offer personal insurance and group insurance too which covers dependents of the employee.
  6. Boss keep his words and follow through his commitments: If your boss is true to his word and fulfill his commitments without making any excuse, he is trustworthy. When reliability is present in your boss ‘s thoughts and actions he is certainly trustworthy. 
  7. Appreciate your achievements: If your boss truly appreciates and rewards your hard work, efforts and values your worth, he is trustworthy. If he rewards you in public and criticizes you in personal for your professional growth and to up skill you, he is trustworthy. 
  8. Stand up and support you: Leaders who stand up for their team in every situation. Leader who highlights his team achievements and accomplishments, who finds glory in his team success. Person who help their team members to grow professionally and personally is genuinely a trustworthy leader. 
  9. Fair in thoughts and actions: If your leader demonstrate fairness in his decision-making skills and his actions taken for team he is a trustworthy leader. Your boss who is not biased or partial to any team member but treat all his team members equally is a person who can be trusted on. 
  10. Accountability: When the leader puts himself too to be accountable along with his team members to keep the standards and expectations, he is a trustworthy leader. 
  11. Transparency: Shows transparency to employees,Trustworthy leaders show transparency by sharing all the information. Never suppress any information to employees. Answers to every question of employee and never have any miscommunication in between them. Being transparent to all the facts and decision-making too is trustworthy leader’s trait.  

Hence, a trustworthy leader is the one who can be counted on in any situation and acts like a string pillar to the employee. 

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