What is Resume Building in Dubai?


RESUME BUILDING in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Resume building is one of the most essential step to be taken for a job search or job hunt.

Resume is the first thing that gives first impression of a person applying at any level or position in a company.A good resume acts as an insurance instrument to showcase the personal and professional attributes and skills of the job applicant to the potential employer.

Writing a good resume is the first step in the direction of finding or hunting an ideal job.

Every applicant can’t write creative and professional resume hence they take help of professionals or automated resume builder tools available online.

These tools help individuals to create resume in their best way which looks very professional.

Resume builders help applicants with wide variety of templates , formats and some times also help applicants to use professional terms and keywords in their resume to attract employers in order to get hired . Thus, online resume builder helps applicant be it entry level , student level or professional level to great extent .

Every job applicant must know certain pointers before writing and designing the resume .

Keywords : Job applicant must use keywords in their resume describing their skills and qualifications. Employers when searching for right candidate look for keywords first to screen candidates in first level .

Concise and precise: Resume should be brief and precise as employers have very limited time to review it. Unnecessary information should be avoided. Make sure to mention all details in a very precise manner which summarises everything .

Prioritizing: Important information should be present at the beginning of resume. Applicant should prioritise important information on the resume . It helps to get the attention of the employer and hiring company.  

Accomplishments and achievements should be highlighted well . It is very essential to describe your experience with achievement and glories. Make sure to mention any accomplishments related to the job applied. 

Also, list out the skills you possess for a position applied be it Soft skills , technical or non technical . Any certifications done in your work life span is must to be mentioned.

Also, elaborate on your continued education or course as well in the resume which gains extra points . 

Usage of formal font and language : Remember to use formal font such as Times new  roman or Arial font in writing resume . Resume should be precise, to the point and easily. Avoid blank spaces so that employer can focus on relevant areas.Font size should not go beyond 12 points. Coherent and understandable resume sets an example of an ideal resume which looks more presentable and professional. 

Customise resume as per requirement rather sending the same general resume for every position applied . Though, it is quite a time consuming task to prepare a customised resume for the job applied but it increases the chances or probability for the first screening of candidate. For instance, person applying for a Teacher must mention their teaching experience along with academic qualification .

Skip generic language:

Skip to use generic terminology like hard worker, honest, good team player etc as these are commonly used terms . 

Hence, a good resume reflects an applicant’s overall personality applying for a job position. In fact resume is just not the document but a tool to brand yourself as an applicant to showcase an individual knowledge, experience, qualifications, expertise etc  which help recruiter to understand how much candidate can contribute to the organisation. 

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