How to make Choice of Accounting Software in Dubai and Sharjah?

Choice of Accounting Software

In today’s world of internet, everything is online. Being online or on cloud brings us freedom of place and space. No matter where we are, we can still access anything on our laptops or cell phones. Therefore, businesses are also no longer restricted to a single space but are switching to online accounting software instead of traditional bookkeeping methods!

Not only, the online accounting software provide us the benefits of place but also , the interface is very user-friendly and allows a person with no  knowledge of technology to do its book keeping on its own.

There are many online accounting software in Dubai available on the web. It’s very important for a business enterprise to choose the right accounting software. Price is definitely one of the factors for choosing the accounting package in case of small startups, where cost cutting is very important. However, this factor can be overlooked depending on the service provided if it suits the other factors required for that specific business.

There are few software which suits all types of business regardless of size or operations but there are some which suits only a particular type of business. All online software match the accuracy of basic accounting in Dubai, it’s the user interface and special tools which make them different. Brand name of the software also plays a major role in the choosing the software for you. However, a familiar software may not be always best suited for your business.

Below mentioned are the 7 factors to be considered before opting for an accounting software for your business:

  1. Be clear on your needs
    First and foremost you must be clear about your business requirements. The volume of transactions, specified features required or any other factors. For instance, a small business does not need payroll management, therefore can opt for free accounting software as WAVEAPP, whereas a business in need of payroll management in Dubai can go for QUICKBOOKS or ZOHO.
  1. Accounting Knowledge
    Depending upon the accounting knowledge possessed by the team, one can choose appropriate accounting software. There are few types of software which are extremely user friendly and allow you to work on it with minimal technical knowledge.
  1. The infrastructure
    Before switching to online cloud based accounting software, one must first check the infrastructure required for it. The primary requirements are a system (Laptop or desktop) and a reliable internet connection.
  1. Budget
    As already discussed, subscription fees or charges for the chosen accounting software plays an important role in the growth of business. Therefore, one must be certain of how much the business is ready to pay for this software. A new startup must be focusing on cost cutting, may chosen free software or the one with the least cost.
  1. Special Tools
    Some business may require some special reports or accounting features. This may also be a factor while deciding the accounting software for the firm, like the one with such features will be given a preference. This feature may vary business to business or on any other factors.
  1. Accountant Friendly
    Interface of the software also plays an important role. The more user-friendly the software is it will be more convenient for the accountant and the team to work on it.
  1. Trial Period
    As per our view, trial period given by the software also plays a vital role. Whenever in dilemma, it’s always better to try it out. Therefore, users must try the preferable software in its free trial period. So that they will be crystal clear before paying for any software.

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