What are Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Accounting Tools in Dubai Sharjah?

Cloud-Based Accounting Tools in Dubai Sharja

Nowadays, using advanced digital technologies is a prerequisite for any business with progressive plans-regardless of niche or size. This holds true for the companies functioning in Dubai as well. While using diverse types of software is nothing new for the businesses, the recent trend is switching to cloud services and applications. An increasing number of accounting firms in Dubai are now opting different cloud-based accounting tools in order to boost productivity at the workplace.

From antivirus and productivity suites to accounting tools, everything is now offered via the cloud and an increasing number of businesses in Dubai are opting for these online applications and services. The usage of cloud accounting services has also shot up in Dubai.

Rise of Cloud-Based Accounting Tools

It is not without reason that a majority of Dubai based companies are switching to cloud-based accounting tools nowadays. Unlike traditional accounting software, cloud-based accounting tools offer versatility, the flexibility of usage and these are ideal for eliminating scopes of disputes and hurdles in a workflow. In large-sized setups or companies, using traditional accounting applications actually slows down workflow and hampers the productivity of the employees.

The Major Advantages Of Using Cloud-Based Accounting Tools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Multi-Device Support

Unlike traditional accounting tools, cloud-based accounting software can be run on any web access device. So, your company employees can access the software by opening a web browser from laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablets. So, this way, they can also work from home at times. This can also come in handy when a section of network computers malfunction or are sent for repairs. In such times, accounting work does not come to a halt as the employees can use other devices or PCs to access and use the software online. It can also be useful if PCs with different OSes are used in a company.

Better Security

In traditional accounting software setups- getting access to company data is easier. Any intruder who can access the computers in the network can access and steal the stored data. In cloud-based accounting software, this can be quite hard. Without user authentication, no one can log in and access the software. This can be useful for those Dubai based companies that operate overseas and deal with a gargantuan amount of customer data. In fact, for any company ensuring the security of data is very important.

No Hardware Failure Woes

In a business setup, plenty of computers and web access devices are used. Naturally, some of these may malfunction or crash after prolonged usage. The device malfunction can also be caused by malware attacks at times. If your company uses traditional accounting software, that can be rather troublesome. If the computer running the software malfunctions, you may lose valuable data. This won’t be the case with cloud-based accounting tools. Local hardware and device failure will not impact data and workflow. You just need to replace the faulty PC with a new one and resume work from where you left.

Updates and Apps Security

You need to manually update traditional accounting software from time to time. However, in the case of cloud accounting software, the updates are more frequent and they are offered by the service provider.

Better and Faster Conflict Resolution

Imagine a situation where you run a business based in Dubai and your company has a working relationship with a handful of vendors and offshore clients. Occasionally, payment-related disputes may crop up between the company and vendors. If your company uses typical accounting software, locating a specific invoice or its hard copy may take time. In the case of the cloud accounting application, locating a specific document and invoice take a few seconds. So, accounting and payment related disputes can be resolved faster.


In the long run, using a cloud-based accounting tool can be cost-effective for your Dubai based company. You need to specify how many users will need to access the online service and the licensing or subscription fee will be decided. Generally, for multi-user licensing-per, user access cost comes down.

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What are Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Accounting Tools in Dubai Sharjah?