How to Start a Bookkeeping Practice in Dubai– Check out These Steps?

Bookkeeping Practice in Dubai

Bookkeeping in Dubai, UAE includes the management of various aspects like payroll processing, managing the expenses and income, preparing the tax returns for the clients and much more. Apart from all these, other things you need to concentrate on include designing a proper business plan and learning the different ways of getting new clients for running the business successfully.

So, are you planning to begin your small business in Dubai? Or thinking to have our own consulting or bookkeeping practice? Here is a small piece of information that would help you to have a better start.

Be a certified bookkeeper in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Yes, this is the first thing you need to work on for starting your own bookkeeping practice in Dubai. Complete all your tests on the proper time for becoming a certificate holder. This can be done through renowned certified industries like AIPB, CB, or even NACPB. Having certificate would prove that you already have the required skills and knowledge of performing the various duties a bookkeeper is liable to work on.

Pick a suitable name

The next step towards starting your business is deciding a proper name for it. You can use your name for the consultancy or look for a clever or smart name. Once the name is selected, you need to register the name with Dubai with whom you are thinking to begin your practice with. The name would be further used for filing taxes with various entities. Designing a logo is also advisable for your business.

EIN – Obtain it

For protecting your social security number, you need to obtain your EIN soon. Avoid placing the social security number on W-9 forms as it would be placed at unsecure places like unlocked cabinet or inbox. Even if you are a sole proprietor, you can still look for an EIN number as this would be further linked with the Federal government along with the SSN. So, make sure you don’t provide the clients with the SSN or EIN numbers.

Design your website

Having a website is essential for promoting business online. So, look for URLs and Domains to create your own website. You can do the job on your own if you have the skills or can hire professionals for doing the job. Again, the website should have all the required details regarding your business with sufficient words. Also, make sure the website is SEO friendly to get on the top list of Google searches.

Be ready with a mail address

For giving your business a professional look, register your domain and get an email address that is linked with your business directly. Make sure the email address doesn’t end with the,, etc. Give the email address a real address that ends with your company domain name. You can also look for different email addresses.

Apart from all these, make sure you work on other aspects like getting the P.O. Box number, testimonials, insurance, networked, and well organized. All these would help in getting the right boost your company would demand in the initial phase. Working on all these points or some of them would surely help in getting to the right track and remain ahead in the competitive market. Also, make sure you are aware of what to charge and how much to charge the clients.

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