Tips to Select the Right Bookkeeping Software for Your Businessin Dubai

Bookkeeping Software

Nowadays, any business operating in Dubai can’t overlook the accounting part. After the unveiling of the VAT regime a couple of years back, the companies became more focused on the accounting part. It is not just enough to recruit one or more accountants or hire a third-party accounting firm. Your Dubai based company also needs to use the right bookkeeping and accounting application. Without the right accounting software in place, the productivity of the business can be affected adversely.

How to select the right accounting/ bookkeeping software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE for your company?

To ensure you can pick the right bookkeeping and accounting software in Dubai for your company, analyzing a few aspects will be necessary. These are:

  • Ease of usage – The first thing you need to check is the ease of usage. The accounting software should not have a steep learning curve. Unless it is easy to learn and use, your employees will have a tough time learning it. It will be even more difficult for new employees. The UI must be clean and it should be customizable too.
  • Low on resources – The accounting software should be light on system resources. Not every computer in your company network can be new or with top-end specs. It does not make sense to upgrade the existing system just to accommodate a new application! So, opt for an accounting software solution that has low system requirements.
  • Software and OS Compatibility – Before buying any accounting tool for your Dubaibased venture, check the compatibility well. It should be compatible with the OS used in your setup. You may find some tools that run on both Windows, Mac OS and also on Linux. Apart from that, you also have to check compatibility with existing software in your organization. Accounting tools may have to be used with database applications at times. Buying a tool that does not sync with existing software apps does not make sense.
  • Traditional or cloud-based – This is one aspect you need to think of. Until a few years back, most companies used traditional accounting software. However, in recent years, the popularity of cloud-based accounting tools has shot up significantly. The cloud-based bookkeeping tools offer several advantages over the traditional accounting software. The major advantages
    of cloud accounting solutions include scalability, the flexibility of usage, lower running cost, enhanced security etc.
  • Inbuilt security – You cannot afford to be careless about the safety of the company accounting data. So, invest in an accounting solution that comes with adequate security measures. Nowadays, you can find software that comes with password-based access, two-factor authentication and more advanced safety features. These safety features can also be customized as per user needs.
  • Support – There is hardly any software application that is immune to bugs and hacking exploits. In rare cases, your accounting software may develop snags or malfunction. In such dire times, the support from the vendor can salvage your situation. So, you should buy accounting software from a company that offers robust-round the clock, as well as multi-channel support.

Summing it up

After analyzing these parameters, you should be able to zero in on the apt accounting software for your Dubai based company. However, for peace of mind, go through the online reviews of such applications before churning out-licensing fee.

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