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The Taxable Value is the value that is chargeable to tax. It shall include all expenses charged by the taxable supplier to the customer, any fees or taxes due as a result of the supply except for deductions, subsidies, grants, or amounts determined by the Regulations. The Taxable Value of Deemed Supply is the value of purchase or cost. In the cases in which the value of purchase or cost cannot be determined, the Taxable Value will be determined by the market value as per the Regulations.

What is Taxable Value for Related Parties in Oman?

The Taxable Value of Related Parties transactions shall be the market value as determined by the regulations, in cases where the value of the supply is less than the market value.

What is Taxable Value for Imported Goods in Oman?

The Taxable Value of imported goods shall be calculated by the customs value prescribed by the Common Customs Law, plus any taxes or other charges due on the import of Goods.

Taxable Value in Special Case

The Taxable Value of goods which are temporarily exported to outside the GCC territory for completion of manufacturing or repair shall be determined when reimported based on value-added to them as provided in the Common Customs Law.

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