What is JSRS in Oman’s ICV Program?


In-Country Value (ICV) is defined as the total spending retained in-country that can benefit business development, contribute to human capability development, and stimulate productivity in Oman’s economy. 

ICV program in Oman aims to develop the skills of Oman’s workforce and increasing in-country spending on local goods and services. The eligibility to participate in the oil & gas tenders requires all participants/suppliers to register in the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS).

What is JSRS in Oman?

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a supplier registration and certification system implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Oil & Gas, Oman as an industrywide procurement system.

The objective of JSRS is to facilitate suppliers both national and international, to get certified in a central pool and tap into independent operator opportunities, in turn, gives the Operators direct connectivity to Suppliers to seek and identify Suppliers for their varying needs.

What are the benefits of JSRS in Oman?

  • A single online supplier registration system
  • A way to pursue opportunities in repair and fabrication
  • A database of oil and gas operators in Oman
  • Transparency for business opportunities
  • Exposure to Oman companies in international markets
  • Increased competencies for customers
  • A simple way for CVC certification from OPAL

Why JSRS Certification in Oman?

  • The JSRS Certification is a mandatory requirement to obtain contracts and procurement opportunities within the Oil & Gas and Other Industries as per the Mandate issued by the Oman Ministry of Oil & Gas.
  • The JSRS Certificate in Oman would endorse the Supplier (national or international) to be termed business ready to deal with Oman’s Procurement opportunities.
  • The JSRS Certificate is the core step to be completed by supplier organisations before they can be approved or certified further by other governmental bodies and organisations.

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