What is Payroll Outsourcing in Dubai?


To deal with the important issues like payment of employees, Payroll is something a company can’t overlook. This makes the employees feel they are valuable assets for the company. In Dubai, A lot of businesses opt for payroll outsourcing and this is exactly where Aviaan Accounting comes to your rescue.

What is actually Payroll Outsourcing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Payroll Outsourcing denotes giving the authority to maintain the payment process of the company to a third-party entity. Your company needs to track the payments being made to all the employees, all through the year. When you handle the task to a skilled and experienced agency, you can be assured of payment handling is done in a professional manner. It also reduces the risk of errors and everything gets done in time. However, you have to hire the right payroll outsourcing services in Dubai. All you have to do is to get in touch with Aviaan Accounting and we will take care of the rest.

Payroll Outsourcing in Dubai

There are a number of agencies that offer Payroll Outsourcing for its clients in Dubai and adjacent regions. This is logical given the fact the UAE and more particularly Dubai is home to companies hailing from diverse sectors and a lot of MNCs operate here. For them dealing with various currency types can be tedious.

The other reasons are:

  • Integrate and manage Payroll software
  • Arrange a safe method of multi-currency payment
  • Streamlining the payroll methods
  • Consistency and accuracy
  • Simplify report filing
  • Adhere to GCC countries wage policy

Outsourcing Payroll Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

The payroll procedure in a Dubai based company may be quite complex in nature. The company needs to keep track of plenty of things. These include things like monthly wage calculation, WPS payroll, deductions, holiday records, overtime, and paid leaves, etc. However, the payroll system has to be developed keeping in mind the nuances of financial things and regional norms. So, outsourcing the payroll processing system of the company in Dubai makes sense.

Reasons you should outsource your venture’s Payroll Services in Dubai

  • Financially viable- When there is a professional agency having a dedicated team for managing payroll processing of your company, associated costs are saved. You would need to spend a significant amount by recruiting a team in your company that module assesses insurance costs, training expenses, labor contracts, etc. When you outsource payroll processing, you end up saving an amount.
  • You may not be well aware of the nitty-gritty of corporate payroll practices in Dubai, more so your venture is new in the region. That is where a third party payroll processing entity proves to be handy. Such a company is well versed in these topics and it can handle everything perfectly.
  • You do not need to invest in payroll software. There is no need for software license renewal etc.
  • The payroll vendor handling the processes can scale its software and apps to cope with fluctuation in the workforce and you do not have to think of that.

Why select us?

At Aviaan accounting, we offer payroll processing services to reduce the administrative burden on the clients and help them save money. So, the clients can focus on other aspects of operations and this facilitates the growth of a business.

We, at Aviaan accounting, have a team of experts and they can help the client companies deal with their payroll function in Dubai and the adjoining regions. If you are planning to start a venture here, just let us know and we will do the needful.

Perfect specialized service

Perfect service is what every company aims for but we have it in our DNA! We offer flawless services

  • Seamless coordination with the HR Department of your venture
  • Comprehensive accrual reports preparation
  • Whole End of Service Settlements calculations
  • Coverage of wage protection systems

Timely service

What you need, when you need it.

We know how important time is for the clients and so our payroll outsourcing services are time focused. As a result, clients can focus more on their businesses. They need not fret about:

  • Salary processing-including Incentives and bonuses.
  • Expense claims reimbursements processing.


Design that works for you

Payroll services cannot be designed like one size fits all! We can customize payroll processing for the clients. So, we offer the following:

  • Salary payments through various currencies
  • Customized payslips


Your security is our priority

We understand the importance of keeping your staff’s classified information absolutely confidential . So, we offer the below-listed payroll support services and you can be assured of top-notch privacy:

  • Bank transfer letters
  • Salary transfers to the overseas regions
  • Secure data management system
  • Maintenance of employees payroll information

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