Aviaan Accounting delivers professional payroll solutions to companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE. Our Payroll Management Process offers a customized, flexible, and automated solution to manage your payroll process in UAE. Moreover, you will receive:

  • Bonus, overtime, and incentive management
  • Benefits administration
  • Reimbursement processing
  • Leave management
  • WPS counseling and guidance

Our team maintains document confidentiality, ensures accuracy, and provides detailed reporting. We manage all aspects of the payroll cycle from the preparation of employee payroll slips to disbursements, pension funds, and data maintenance. Aviaan Accounting is one of the leading payroll outsourcing service providers, equipped with modernized technology and expert staff.

Payroll Management Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

Given the fact that Dubai’s political provisions, as well as the growing economy, make it a suitable destination for business, people from all over the world come here to set up their business. The promise of earning high returns and profits along with an ease of business transactions means that Dubai is now home to hundreds and thousands of businesses, each of which operates on different scales and deals with many different kinds of activities.

What makes a business what it is, besides its activities, is its employees. Without a workforce of qualified professionals in Dubai, UAE capable of performing a varied number of tasks, it would become nearly impossible for the business as a whole to run smoothly, let alone successfully. These employees, in return, as paid a salary, and depending on the kind of service they offer, their salary would vary. For the company, since salaries count as an expense, it is very important to keep track of employee salaries as well as the total amount it pays to them.

Update on Payroll Management Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Payroll Services in Dubai, UAE refers to the total amount of compensation that the company has to pay to its employees for a certain period of time or on a particular date. Moreover, it can also refer to a list of all the company’s employees and dues owed to each one of them. It is a means to track the working hours of each employee, calculating the amount due to be paid to them as well as the means of payment (direct deposit or cheque). Depending upon the number of employees a company has, this amount can be quite considerable, and can actually be deducted from the gross income, which means that the taxable income in Abu Dhabi, UAE of the company lessens.

Guidelines on Payroll Outsourcing

Since employees are such a vital part of the company, you simply cannot overlook the payroll in Dubai, UAE. Many companies in Dubai opt to outsource the payroll work instead of hiring a full-time employee to handle the task. Best Payroll outsourcing in Dubai, UAE is basically giving a third party the task of maintaining the payroll and keeping track of all the information such as working hours, dues, payment means, transactions, etc. By doing so, you can be assured of the fact that the work would be done professionally, accurately, and on time. Here are some reasons why payroll outsourcing is a preferred choice in Dubai :

  • Arranging a safe method for multi-currency payment etc.

Why is Aviaan Accounting the Right Choice for Payroll Management Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE?

Aviaan Accounting understands how valuable your employees are and understands the importance of maintaining a Payroll in Dubai, UAE and is thus committed to providing you the services you need. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that your Payroll needs are met and would surely deliver the desired results. We understand that there are a lot of operations that need to be overseen when it comes to a business, and thus, we aim to provide services in Abu Dhabi, UAE that would assure you of results and would thus allow you to focus on other aspects of the business, those that require more attention. Here are some reasons why you should think of Aviaan Accounting for Payroll management services in Dubai:

Accounting firms in Dubai

What is the Payroll Management Services in Dubai, UAE Offered by Aviaan Accounting 2021?

Keeping all the above factors in mind and fully comprehending the importance of the top Payroll management services in Dubai, UAE, we offer the following services:

Payroll Process

Steps in Payroll Processing Details
Onboarding Onboarding new employees and complete their details Familiarize employees with

dashboard and organizational structure

Help employees understand  the policies and personnel details
Leave Management Helping process the leave application for approval with reporting and payments Establish an automated process of approval of employee leave application by the manager Extension of leave by logging into the system and do that from anywhere
Timesheets Setting up a system for logging the time of employees working on a specific system including any other job or project
HR Document Management Helping file documents and finding them when needed in seconds from a simple search. Help organizations manage employee data to achieve an efficiency of human resources employed. Setup a good document management system to help the company finding everything easily
Talent Management Analysis of succession from one role to another is a critical element of the HR process Effective talent management to help reduce the rate of staff turnover Creating and applying a system that helps the company in identifying and profiling talent
Learning and Development Help quickly identify skill gaps and also monitor certification the staff has and those that they need Make the necessary arrangements with staff to retake certification on expiry of it Maintaining a team of expert and compliant workforce for increasing efficiency of the company
Workforce Management Incorporating in-built tools that are designed to assist

managers to plan ahead

Helping manage the existing human resources effectively and plan for any needs that may arise due to expansion of business or  employees leaving the business
Off-boarding Establishing a mechanism to ensure successful completion of off-boarding Helping business owners identify any potential issues that could be increasing staff turnover, and creating an action plan for reducing staff turnover.

How to Set Up Your Payroll Process System in Dubai?

Businesses operating anywhere in the world will need to set up a payroll process in UAE. An effective payroll process in UAE must divide employees into categories, keep employee records, lay down policies and regulations, create pay heads, create pay cycles with wages and man hours, make bank and employee ledgers. They also must maintain employee attendance, maintain records of production, calculate insurances, deductions, claims, bonuses, compensations, gratuity, employee and employer contributions, calculate and pay taxes, prepare and deliver payslips, pay out, and maintain payroll records.

What are Ten Precautions in Hiring Payroll Management Services in Dubai?

Payroll management services in UAE make the day-to-day functioning smooth and take care of statutory aspects of payments and government taxes. Payroll management services also help administer and maintain proper payroll records. The points to be taken into consideration before handing over the payroll responsibilities are licenses, qualifications, experience, and feedback of the payroll service providers in UAE. In the case of freshers extending their services for the first time in this field, see their project reports prepared during their training period for knowledge of legalities, skills of analysis, reporting, after-sales service, flexibility, and budget.

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Certainly yes! Payroll is an extremely huge and requires a lot of time, therefore it is always advisable to outsource such activity.

Every company needs a payroll management system in Dubai to manage costs as well as the regulations. Payroll systems enable companies to manage the salaries and gratuities for the employee effectively.

Payroll services ensure employees are paid on time and accurately. A payroll service provider can include the following additional services under payroll:

  • Keep a track of employee attendance;
  • Make adjustments to deposit accounts;
  • Ensure correct deductions;
  • Calculate benefits plans;
  • Provide electronic payroll records.

Monthly payroll is most common service package of ours. We can also processes weekly, fortnightly (26 times per year), and semi-monthly (24 times per year).

Look out for your requirements from the payroll. Also, the additional services offered. The more, the better!

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