How is the Career of CA in investment banking in Dubai?


Career of CA in investment banking in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Investment banking in broad terms, is a service provided to government, corporations and high net worth individuals by banks and other financial institution. Investment banking is considered to be the most rewarding career. A person with extensive knowledge about finance, economics and risk management can work as an investment banker Also, a person need to be smart, hard-working determined to become an investment banker. 

As there are countless opportunities available in the field of investment banking, many chartered accountants are also entering into investment banking and taking this as a profession. Career in investment banking is highly risky and rewarding. Thus, individuals who are ambitious and captivating can try their luck in such a risky field.

Job in investment banking look for candidates with outstanding knowledge in economics, finance and risk management and accounting skills. Although investment banks usually prefers MBA from top management business schools but CAs are also preferred due to key skills they possess to work as investment banker. 

Key skills which CA possess in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

In depth knowledge in financial services: CA are called as experts in accounting field due to rigorous training they have gone through. They can understand the functions of investment banking in a better way which needs so much of strategic thinking. They have the ability to solve all accounting problems and rectify the errors and also audit the books of accounts. And for all this there can be no better person than a CA. They also work as financial advisor to their clients.

Great business insight: After studying CA for a period of 5 years, they are likely to develop and gain knowledge in handling the business very efficiently. Since they have immense knowledge in finance and accounting, it is much easier for a CA to establish and handle business than a person from non finance background. They also provide management consultancy to their clients and charge consulting fee from them. As CA have expertise in financial and accounting services clients rely on their judgement and look for their financial advice.

Research And analytical skills: CA have extensive knowledge in finance and have the ability to analyze the data and make decisions. CA have the ability to check any discrepancies and make the rectification accordingly. They can analyze the data with great efficiency. They are good at making judgement based on the research conducted by them and provide relevant information to their clients. They also give helpful insights to their investors.

Accounting skills: CA have specialized knowledge in accounting, and they can very well manage the difficult tasks of processing accounting data for different organizations. They are experts in accounting field and hence their clients tend to rely on them to get the accurate information and error free reports. 

Great communication skills: CA tend to develop great communication skills as they go through intensive training period of their article ship. Also, they are generally engaged in preparing various reports, participating and conduct meeting with clients and their staff, they also present data to their clients. It is essential for a CA to have above average communication skills. CA have great interpersonal skills as they communicate with their clients and subordinates regularly and frequently. Hence, a qualified CA possess great written and oral communication skills,which helps them to have good reputation in the market and among their clients. 

CA is well-equipped to handle investment banking as a job or profession due to key skills they possess. CA can fly in colors in this profession. 

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