How to do Resume selection in Dubai?


Resume screening is the procedure of shortlisting resume to qualify candidates who possess skill set and techniques for the open job .

Their aim is to filter and locate the qualified candidates for the open job position and eliminate the candidates who are disqualifying for the job position.

Screening or resume selection is considered to be the hardest part of recruitment. In order to recruit a candidate we need to assess .

Do not go by cover letter of resume . As cover letter might overstate the applicant‘s qualification and experience. Therefore , recruiter must screen resume carefully to know candidate‘s ability to contribute the organisation. Recruiter scan and screen the applicant resume for his educational background , relevant job qualities and skill set required for the job position.

Screening process is categorised in three different ways .

First would be keywords: Recruiters skim the resume for the keywords they are looking for related to the open job .

Second part is to review the resume.Review resume of each candidate to assess him against the job requirements.Final green Signal is given once the complete reviewis done to evaluate academic and professional qualities of the applicant.

Sense of responsibility: Be sincere in terms of selecting a deserving candidate .Decision in selecting the right candidate will make a big impact to the organisation.It is difficult to tell whether the candidate will be a good asset to the organisation or not just by looking at the resume.

That is why applicants are called in for interviews to test their soft skills and to know their personality by taking them through a brief personality test.

Screening in broad terms starts with reviewing the resume with the job description, job profile, qualification, experience of an applicant so that we know what open job position entails.

Recruiter must develop their job posting online and offline.

  • Create candidate profile: Thisprocedure involves HR and recruiting managerto list out the desired attributes and skill set required for a potential employee.
  • Employers should attract right applicant through job posting. Recruiter should make sure what kind of skill set your applicant must have.
  • Recruiters should go beyond keywords.Recruiters should just not look for relevant keywords for open job but also check if the applicant has applied that skill set and have gained an experience in it . Applicant with higher expertise and hands on experience in technology should be given consideration over the applicant who have no experience with overstated experience in resume.
  • New technique to screen resume: nowadays recruiters have changed the way of reviewing and evaluating the resume by using new software applications . These software application such as Applicant tracking system filters the cream candidates among mass resumes submitted.These days the resume are short listed by ATS -tracker which look for particular key phrases and keywords which are related to open job. Once applicants are filtered they are called for the round of interview.

HR recruiter saves their time by using ATS and other electronic screening techniques. Many of times candidates with strong matching profile also don’t get short listed as they haven’t used those keywords in their resume .

Hence applicants should use specific keywords related to open job in order to get screened as resumes in big companies and organisations are screened electronically and manually (HR Recruiter)both.

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