List of Top 5 Market Study Firms in UAE – 2023

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List of Top 5 Market Study Firms in UAE - 2022

Market Research is a process to ascertain the feasibility of a new product or service through qualitative and quantitative research methods. It also helps in identifying consumer behaviour, target markets and the acceptability of one’s product.

Specialized firms use different methods such as surveys, mystery shopping, product testing etc to perform research. Primary and secondary information in combination is used to draw results.

All of this helps the firm understand what their consumer wants and how can they make the consumer experience better while making a fair comparison with competitors in the same industry too.

Hence, this research helps firms understand themselves, their customers and their competitors to facilitate informed decision-making. They also determine the company’s focus hence affecting its success and growth.

The top 5 firms in Dubai that excel at market research and can take your business to the next level are listed below

  • KPMG
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte
  • PwC
  • Aviaan Accounting Market research


KPMG provides one-of-a-kind & extensive market research for all M&A deals, new ventures and investments and also guide for third-party financing.

KPMG provides data from various credible sources including their internal database for deliberate and sound research.

KPMG helps its clients by providing insights into the market such as growth prospects, growth and development opportunities, trends in the industry and ease of entry and exit.

They tailor make their research basis the consumer’s preferences and requirements, the political and legal framework, and the performance of major players in the industry including a comparative analysis of the prices, product diversity etc.KPMG does market analysis of the industry, comparison with competitors in the industry, background checks of contractors etc.

KPMG ensures their customers get a fair understanding of the market and where it is headed and also provides their opinion on investment strategies for their clients.


EY makes growth strategies using various studies such as M&A, customer satisfaction, segmentation etc to optimize the client’s business.

They help their clients develop their products and services globally so that they are always accessible to consumers at their convenience. They hence help their clients redevelop and optimize their strategies.

They understand the needs, behaviour and satisfaction of the customers for their clients. They use these data to then formulate strategies.

Ey helps their clients understand the ROI and ways to increase it by making sure customers are loyal to the client’s brand, efficient pricing and short and long-term investments. They also help their clients employ suitable technology to optimize operations and increase sales and visibility digitally.


Deloitte provides comprehensive market research and analysis of qualitative and quantitative studies. Their team collects primary data from customers locally using the best sampling and research methods. Deloitte does its market segmentation for the client to understand the perception of products, prices and competitors. They also understand how a customer associates himself with the products of the client to understand the company’s positioning in the market.

Deloitte also helps its customer adjust its product according to different local needs to make its product global.

They perform various tests to check the product, its design and its acceptability, and different distribution and promotion strategies alongside many customer services via many methods like mystery shopping, loyalty programs etc. They also help their clients optimism their presence in local markets by studying their pricing, demand and elasticity of their product efficiently


Pwc does a deliberate analysis of the way the market functions, the industries and companies involved and the policies of government concerning the industries.

They use case studies from the market, analysis of the market and the competitors and also see the economic and growth-related prospects to fulfil the needs of their clients.

The teams do a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the relevant markets in the demography to make short and long-term plans. Their 3 step process involves preparation which is done by research and working on data collection from credible sources. It is followed by Analysis where interviews are taken and qualitative and quantitative analysis is done. Finally, in their 3rd phase they provide deliverables in terms of presentation and reports and provide their recommendations.

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