UAE Guide: What are Steps to submit VAT return in Dubai?

Steps to submit VAT return in UAE

As per the Dubai VAT laws, the due date for filing of return is 28th day of the month following the tax period concerned. However, the payment of tax has to be made before the due date of filing of such return. Tax period is determined by the FTA. The standard Tax Period applicable to a Taxable Person shall be a period of three calendar months, but it can also be a calendar year as well.

VAT return shall be submitted online through VAT tab available after logging into FTA e-services portal.

The details to be filled in the VAT return are:

  • The name, address and TRN of the registrant.
  • The Tax Period to which the Tax return relates.
  • The date of submission
  • The value of taxable supplies made by the Person in the Tax Period and the output tax charged.
  • The value of taxable supplies subject to the zero rated supplies.
  • The value of the Exempt Supplies made by the Person in the Tax Period
  • The value of any Supplies subject to clauses (1) and (3) of article (48) of the Decree law.
  • The value of expenses incurred in respect of which the person seeks to recover input tax and the amount of recoverable tax.
  • The total value of due tax and recoverable tax for the tax period.
  • The payable tax for the tax period.

The payment of tax can be made through following methods:

  • E-dirham cards
  • E-debit
  • Transfer via GIBAN

Steps to submit the VAT Return

Step 1: Login to the FTA eServices portal and go to the ‘VAT’ tab whereby you will be able to access your VAT Returns. From this screen you should click on the option “VAT 201 – New VAT Return”.

Step 2: Complete the form with all the details mentioned above. Then, the system will calculate the next tax payable or refundable.

Step 3: Submit the form.

Step 4: Pay the net payable VAT, if any through “My Payments” Tab.

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