What are Types of Translations in Dubai and Sharjah?


Since business is expanding globally, there is a tremendous demand for better communication breaking language barriers. For this more and more organizations and businesses are hiring translation companies. This helps them to expand their business and spread the word globally about their core products and services.

Translation companies in Dubai offer a wide range of services to the people on the lookout for translations. Translation into another language is not the mere translation of one word into another word of a new language. It is much more than that.

Each type of translation that you ask for has its own processes to follow. Each type of translation is unique and different in its own way. Here are some types of translations based on various factors.

Local Influences

Translation encompasses converting the original message into another language, but keeping the essence of the original one. There are many nuances of the mother tongue, colloquialism, and culture of the regional languages. While translating any text, the translator has to keep in mind all these. He has to see that the native user understands the original message in a language comfortable and familiar to him. Further, he has to keep in mind the terms used in the local culture and whether it is relevant in the translation; and also use those terms which only the locals can understand. The original document may or may not use these terms, but these may be often present in the new text after translation.

Types of Texts

Additionally, translation companies study the kind of text or document that needs to be translated. Any business or organization will have a variety of texts up for the public or their clients. These include brochures, user manuals, product descriptions, promotional materials, news paper advertisements, classifieds, etc. There could also be invoices, bills, agreements, contracts and other official documents.

Types of Platforms

Translations are also based on the kind of platform the documents have to appear on. You can translate all material for soft ware, websites, print, medical information or for technical instruction booklets.

  • For Soft ware: When local translations are done for the software, there are many things to keep in mind. Since the software could be used in various instruments like mobiles, tablets, laptops etc, you have to make sure that is user friendly with a good interface. This is what a client looks at first. Software translation should also cater for online help files for managing errors. It should be able to read all system messages and their solutions.Local software translation should also customize the content for the local culture of the people it is dealing with. Thus the software should be able to handle multiple languages and adapt to the local corresponding cultures. This will enable the systems to fix errors with the soft ware at once. The only concern about such types of translations is the testing aspect. The soft ware should be tested for errors in linguistics, translations, local culture adaptations, and of course the main functioning of it. This is particularly in terms of the content and meaning that has to be conveyed. There are many translation companies in Dubai which are expert at localizing the soft ware for your needs.
  • For Websites: Materials for websites could have a combination of all other types of translations. There are videos, EBooks, online help and links, as well as a vast variety of documents. Translations for locals of a place are again related to the culture and context of the region. There is a possibility that all website content may not need to be translated locally to reach out to a large number of people. There are several expert web translation companies in Dubai who manage your work and even automate it for ease of working.
  • For Media: Media is a vast term with many components under its umbrella. There are photographs, videos, screenshots, audio files etc. These translations are the most commonly accessed by clients and customers worldwide. This makes it very important to take care of the content in terms of language, formatting, colloquialism, apt terminology if you want to connect well with the local audience.
  • For Medical Information: Accuracy is the main factor in all materials which are translated for the medical field. The translations have to be factual as they can affect the life and death of people. Many kinds of materials are used here like brochures, labels on medicines, packaging of surgical instruments and medicines, soft ware etc. Apart from these, there are clinical research and trials content, training materials, quality management certificates for instruments and medicines, and other medical information.As in other types of translations, medical translations have to use the correct terminology and be factual too. Even though medical translation companies do a good job, if you are from Dubai, it is always better to use the local translation services in Dubai. They know the local nuances as well as the back of their hands and are equipped with ISO certification.
  • For Technical materials: These types of translations are very crucial because they include documents, guidelines, manuals, instructions, technical specifications, etc. These also take care of all materials and books needed for various training. The technical translations include videos, advertisements, as well as other marketing content. These translations are used in technical fields like medicine, engineering, manufacturing, sampling etc.Technical content for any foreign language depends largely on graphics, screenshots, and other visual representations. Care has to be also taken in formatting and presentation as majority of such content is printed and published. This could be as eBooks, PDF files, or even videos.Online help is an important component of these materials and therefore, the translations have to be very accurate, specific, and clear. It thus requires an efficient content management and translation system which will take care of the terminology and factual information accurately. You can find translation service providers in Dubai which are strict on the quality control quotient.

Apart from these, advantages of hiring translation companies, there is another plus point to it. The translation companies in Dubai as in other places store and maintain a data bank of all the translations they do for you. These storage banks are called Translation memory banks. This helps to save a lot in terms of time, effort, and money as the content is available for reusing or further editing at any time.

Local translations also involve voice over and dubbing so that it reaches out to more audience. The videos also require subtitles in the regional languages where they are being aired and viewed. Use the services of specialized translation services in Dubai for more accuracy and support.

These various types of translations can be automated for making the processes smoother and quicker. Go ahead and use their services.

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