What are Translation Services Emerging Technology in Dubai?


Translation companies in Dubai are a booming business in itself today. More and more companies are going global and reaching out people who don’t know their local language, but are willing to buy their services and products. The only catch is that these companies have to communicate effectively with global regions. For this, they are using the comprehensive services provided by translation companies all over the world.

These companies can easily and accurately translate all your information, ideas, and data that you want to send across to foreign lands. They have the expertise to translate into several main and sub languages of the world with grammatical accuracy. The language experts have the capability to innovate and present the end product as you require. They can translate materials of all fields like engineering, technology, medicine, finance, education, law, entertainment, etc.

Since there is a great demand of translation companies in Dubai, they hire a lot of man power and train them extensively to do the translations. Locals from various regions and with good communication skills are identified and recruited. They are experts in various main and sub languages of the world. Such translators have mastered at least one language other than their mother tongue.

However, there are several restraints to this in terms of getting experts, training them, and bearing the costs of keeping them updated with the market trends always. The translation companies rely only on human inputs. Language experts translate the materials to the best of their knowledge and ability.

Yet, in spite of utmost care and vigilance, human errors do creep in somewhere. Further, there are pressures of large volumes, emergency assignments, stringent deadlines, and very stiff completion from thousands of emerging translation companies.

Additionally, each language expert needs to be an expert in the content matter of each of the fields like medicine, finance, technology, manufacturing, literary, and others mentioned above also. It is humanly impossible to find a translator who has knowledge of all the fields as well the expertise in foreign languages. Thus, he relies only on literal translation and cannot offer any suggestions for keeping the message alive. The translators also have the restriction on knowing only one or two languages other than their own.

Keeping these factors in mind, the translation companies in Dubai as in other parts of the world have started using technology more and more for their work. It makes the work quicker, simpler, and more accurate. It also saves the businesses in terms of time, accuracy, and costs.

Thus, there is now an emerging trend of interaction between humans and technology to give you the best of translation services. The translation technology today offers the best solutions to all your translation needs. It translates, manages, stores, and produces precise and professional translated materials for your business expansion. It cuts across barriers of regions and nations.

With the help of computers, these translation services in Dubai can do more research on your content and offer you more creative and innovative solutions. They use more research methodologies which are up to date and can provide you with more factual information. Less number of multi-lingual experts is needed to work with these translation technologies. It becomes easier to find expert and professional translators. The companies using these translation technologies can suggest how to make your end products more impactful.

Now your brochures, flyers, advertising and promotional materials can be translated through CAT or computer aided translation in which humans take the help of the machine technologies for various processes. They can also be translated through machine translation or MT which is a fully automated process. The machines do all the work and give you the results the business wants.

You may need translations for audios, videos, and other such files. The translation companies are employing technologies to translate your speech into text; and speech into speech as well. The computers are being used for interpretation as well as translation. If you are a local of  Dubai, you can get into touch with any of the translation technologies in Dubai who will use these for a great job to your satisfaction.

These emerging translation technologies are trying to bridge a gap between purely human translations and fully machine translations. They use several algorithms and tools to aid them. There are electronic dictionaries which could be mono or bilingual. There is also a store of local and regional cultural terminologies, colloquialism, and other nuances of major languages and sublanguages of the world.

The translation technologies also have the expertise of the grammar usage, speech synthesis, character recognition etc. They can also interpret gestures, handwritings, as well as other optical clues for more precise translations. This is very useful for translating information being shared through videos, lectures, training workshops, demonstrations and such platforms.

Translation companies are very happy using these translation technologies as it offers to them a translation memory bank too. This bank stores translations of typical words, phrases, and even sent4ences which can be accessed at any later date too. When a sentence is typed for translation into a language, these tools also prompt similar sentences for easier translations. You can also save on money spent on translation of these similar sentences. This makes work faster for the translation companies and makes the translations more consistent and accurate.

Another reason why translators like to use machine assisted translations is that these machines can consistently and more easily translate several phrases and expressions which human translators find very confusing and difficult. Some examples of these difficult and abstract expressions like: hmmm, uff, oh, aha, etc. These translation tools also translate incomplete sentences, grammatically incorrect expressions, and repetitions as well.

A big advantage of these tools and methodologies is that editing for the final product becomes much easier. Once the translations are done, wither by humans or by machines, there is a lot of editing and formatting to be done before the final work is handed over back to the client. Typesetting, spacing, formatting is needed for materials that needed to be published or printed. Machine aided translations take care of all these issues and edit the work faster and more accurately.

Translation technologies can also translate material through any media like the internet, telephone, mobile, video conferencing, tele conferencing, webinars and other types of remote connections. They can also read sign languages and translate them into text in the language of your choice.

Real time translation has also been made possible through this. With this technology, barriers of region and space are no longer a hindrance. The speaker, presenter, and all the participants of online conferences and meetings can connect with the interpreter and translator simultaneously for instantaneous translations. Your business can connect with anyone across the globe in real time and get your materials translated real time too.

Translation companies in Dubai also use the tools to interpret and translate real time dialogues and conversations in languages unknown to either party in bilateral talks too. This is widely used in bilateral relationships with other countries of the world. Language is no longer a barrier to communicate with a nation who doesn’t speak or understand your language.

You can now ask for translations for emails, chats, web pages, tweets, blogs, promotional materials, videos, instruction manuals, user manuals, and much more. The translation technologies in Dubai and other neighbouring areas too are ready to give you technology assisted translations.

This new trend has also solved issues of large volumes and bulk orders. Since machines are involved in the process, larger amount of translations can be handles in much lesser time. This ensures faster and on time deliveries to the clients. It can also take care of emergency and last minute orders.

The computers which translate the text or other files are impersonal and there is no question of personal bias entering into the translations.

If your business is related to the healthcare or medical field, this technology is a boon for training as well as medical treatments all over the world. If you deal with education, it’s a great tool for teaching simple and complex subjects in classrooms all across the globe. It eliminates errors of pronunciation, volume, and clarity in lectures and workshops as well. Similarly, technology, engineering, law, finance, personal development and all other businesses can use these translation technologies to grow and go global.

Information and Communication Technology or ICT support makes it much easier to connect with people globally in major and minor regions as well. The translation technology industry is here to stay and will witness more growth in the years to come.

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