What are the Translation Companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?


If you are looking to reach out to people globally and thereby expand your business, you need to use the regional language which the people of that area understand and are comfortable with. You also need to bring in nuances of local culture and colloquialism to connect with global audiences. Since that’s a herculean task for any organization, there has been a boom in companies which offer translation services to help you do this.

These companies can translate materials related to any field, may it be medical, engineering, technical, oil related, manufacturing, legal, financial, literary, entertainment related or any other. They are experts in hundreds of languages and know the terminologies too. Many of them have teams of experienced and well trained language experts. They also offer translations all through the day and can handle work at short notices.

Though these translation companies offer to translate all your material for any areas of the world, it is always better to find a local service provider. If you reside in Dubai, you can find many good and professional translation companies in the Dubai

Here is a list of some of these.

  • Andalus Translation: This professional translation company in Dubai provides good services at reasonable rates. You pay for the kind of translation you are looking for and also the length of text you want to be translated. They doo a good job which is error free and also delivered on time. They are also known for taking on work at a short notice and pull you out of an emergent situation. This translation company maintains good relationships with its clients too.
  • Language Solutions For Business: Lentrax Translation Services: Another good company that delivers the high quality work on time. With reasonable and highly competitive rates, this translation company in the Dubai gives you what you want. Very professional in its approach, it translates all your materials very accurately.
  • Front Line Legal Translation: This Company gives you accurate translations in many fields like medical and technical. It also translates your messages into a website friendly content. These professionals can translate material into several well known and even lesser known languages. It gives you good quality translations and has the advantage of translating the same text simultaneously into many languages.
  • Halftime Translation Services Downtown Dubai: This is a translation company that runs professionally and maintains good relations with its customers. The staff is well experienced and can translate, manage, and dispatch your information well. The company works for you 24 hours and caters to last minute work too without charging anything extra. You can call them to pick up the materials from your work place and deliver it back to you too.
  • ICS Dubai: You can get your verbal translations too at this translation company in Dubai. They have the capability and the experience to give you accurate work. Strong in handling translations, the company ICS Dubai has the technological expertise and is well equipped with translators who speak local languages very well. They also offer competitive rates for a high quality translation work.
  • AlsunTranslation: With more than ten years in this business, this translation company in Dubai gives you customized and tailor made translations for your information. They give expert translations in worldwide native languages thereby increasing your outreach. They stick to timelines and high quality control over their language experts and the work they deliver to you.
  • ElaphTranslation: This Dubai based translation services provider gives you many services like interpretation, providing sub titles, DTP or Desktop Publishing, and proofreading services. They have several experienced in-house native language translators.
  • Targemli: Targemli can translate your information and data in languages like English, French, and Arabic with much ease and expertise. They give you localized services in translation, interpretation, transcription, subtitling, and many others. They work with a mission to make their clients communicate effectively with the rest of the world.
  • Torjoman: With about 25 years of business, this translation company of Dubai has offices in offices in Dubai, KSA, and Egypt. It can translate your work in any field in more than 120 languages of the world. Their staff of experts gives you all round work with their translators, reviewers, proofreaders, project managers, and account managers. They boast of effective team work to fulfil all your needs.
  • Lentrax Translation Services: This private translation company of Dubai is an internationally spread firm. Also known as the Global Translation Services Company, it reaches out to more than 70 countries and their languages. You can have your information translated in more than 130 languages.
  • MikDoss Translation Services: This Company offers translation of data into Chinese, Russian, Korean, English, German, and Italian. It has technological and advanced services for you to expand your business globally. It boasts of creative, innovative, and professionally oriented translators who work on the job for you. It provides a variety of services like voiceovers, typing, translations, website translation, website localization etc.
  • DayTranslation: Dubai based translation company offers good interpreting and localization solutions for your business needs. It can translate your manuals, signs, user guides, webinars etc into several languages. This company has language experts in Hindi. Arabic, Urdu, Amharic, English, etc. They have been working for more than ten years with a team of international language translators.

All these translation companies in Dubai are looking for expansion to other nations with all the services that they offer. Though this industry is ready to offer their services, you may need to pay a good amount to utilize these.

Before you go ahead and employ one, ensure that the company is registered with the local authorities or government of Dubai and has the legal licence to operate in the region.

So, look around, explore, and hire the best for you. Spread your business to other nations and see it grow as it reaches to audiences of various regions and languages.

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