What is Role of Internal Auditors in Dubai?

Internal Audit
Tips to avoid mistakes in Internal Audit in UAE

Internal Auditors in Dubai propose to successfully assess and oversee the variables and forms an opinion. Once the deviations are distinguished, the Internal Auditors focuses on overseeing the risks and handling them within the correct way. Internal Audit in Dubai, UAE is commenced in line with the administration to examine and audit the forms of an association by distinguishing regions where efficiencies and changes can be made. Internal Audit in Dubai is working as a division to create beyond any doubt that internal controls work as they are suppose to work.

Scope of Internal Audit in Dubai, UAE

The internal audit has two main pillars of emphasis

  1. Risk Management
  2. Governance

Risk Management

The Internal Audit Team in Dubai, UAE will be helping the company to distinguish and assess significant dangers for change which would contribute towards the improvement of the risk management and control frameworks. The scrutinity will include assessing particular focuses as specified underneath:

  1. Reliability and integrity of Financial Operations.
  2. Safe guarding of Assets.
  3. Compliance with Laws, regulations and contract.
  4. Effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
  5. Accomplishment of objectives and goals set.


The Internal Audit team in Dubai, UAE shall conduct an assessment and give proper references to improve the governance process for accomplishing the points mentioned below:

  1. To encourage integrity and morals within an organisation.
  2. To make sure that the organizational performance supervision and accountability are progressive and effective.
  3. To efficiently communicate the risk and control evidence to the concerned department of the organisation.
  4. To manage the events and actions of communicating the information among the board members, external and internal auditors, and the management efficiently.

Therefore, it is always necessary in businesses to understand that the business is moving in the right direction. Hence, the need of an internal audit arises as and when the business flourishes. This can happen with time and in size and with its operations, and it becomes important to ensure proper compliance while expansion. The need for an Internal Audit is to review the facts of procedures on their operations of various departments and report for non-compliance, inefficiency, identify critical control areas and improve on the same for development. Internal Audit is necessary as it deals with issues that are fundamentally important for the survival and prosperity of any business.

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