Top 5 Internal Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Top 5 Internal Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Internal auditing is a significant way to improve controls, add value and enhance the efficiency of the organization. It is an objective assurance designed to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Internal auditing firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE helps business entities to achieve strategic objectives, bolster change management, and foster continuous process improvement. Through a comprehensive and detailed internal auditing process, a company can expand its growth capacity and strengthen business processes.

In order to ensure that all government rules and regulations, industry standards, and accounting procedures are being followed while conducting an internal audit, it’s better to hire a professional firm providing internal audit service. The top 5 internal Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE are mentioned below:

Aviaan Accounting: Specialized and leader in accounting and auditing services, the firm offers different kinds of internal audit services including management, operational, investigation, supply-chain, cost, due diligence, and information system audit to all sizes of companies across UAE.

Assist Plus: The firm is known for conducting an audit in a systematic and organized way to assess company accounts and ensure the fairness of financial statements provided by the company. They examine and check the arithmetical accuracy and validate transactions, check the distinction of capital and revenue transactions, with the aim to highlight any illegal practice.

Alterf Service: Offer premium quality consulting and auditing service with a keen focus on professionalism and quality while delivering the best suitable financial and accounting solutions to clients across Oil & Gas, Trading & Retail, IT & Finance, Health care, and hospitality sectors.

MSI Auditors UAE: Vast experience in the field of auditing and assurance enables clients to plan for long-term growth in every environment, based on an assessment of risks and areas of improvement internally. Committed to reduce operational cost, eliminate redundancy and maximize growth at all levels.

KGRN Chartered Accountants: Keenly focused on driving enterprise-wide success with the support of a trained and certified team of accountants who understands the needs and business models of the clients and equipped with appropriate skills to fulfill client expectations and requirements.

What Value does Internal Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE offers?

With the changing, competitive, and high-pressure business environment, role of an internal audit firm cannot be more stressed. Contacting an independent firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE to perform an internal audit is always a good idea because it can provide objectivity, transparency, and accuracy. It’s an opportunity to identify and rectify any accounting error or fraudulent activity before presenting the financial statements to the regulatory authorities or investors. Thus, internal audit firms add values to the company operations in the following way:

  • Enable strategic business initiatives and business development opportunities.
  • Augment production efficiency and efficacy by removing non-value-added activities.
  • Identify, assess and mitigate risk through contingency planning.
  • Improve business model and governance structure.
  • Uncover and remove procedural gaps.
  • Ensure financial integrity.
  • Maintain adherence to standard operating procedures.
  • Optimize resource, budget, and workflow utilization.

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