Why Hire a Translation Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?


Any core business today needs expansion to other cities, nations, and continents. You may be doing very well locally where you started out your venture, but you need to expand your horizons as well.

If you are looking for such an expansion overseas, then you need to convey the usefulness and attractiveness of the products, and services that you offer. Prospective clients sitting globally should be able to read your documents, fliers, brochures in their own language so fully comprehend their relevance. For this, you must seriously think about hiring a translation company in Dubai, UAE who can send your messages across globally. There are several other reasons why you need such support in your growing business.

International Standards
It is important to launch or sell your products as per the international standards of texting. Local translators may not do justice to your product write up due to their limitations. But, translation companies are bound to follow international standards of language and content writing. They will be able to follow the rules for writing numbers, dates, captions, descriptions etc.

Many translation Companies in Dubai are experts in following the international codes of writing and language translation. They will give you work in the required formatting, referencing, editing, and presentation. They will also take care of culture references, colloquialism, and mother tongue influences while translating your materials into various languages.

Impactful Translations
There are many types of documents in any office or organization like invoices, bills, product descriptions, user manuals, promotional write-ups etc. Some will require legal terms while the other will require financial ones. There will be others which need a technical look and feel to them. Any in-house translator may translate your documents into another language, but he may not use the right jargon specific to any area like law, medicine, technology, finance etc.

This is another important reason why the translation companies are hired. They use the correct word, phrase, sentence, or subject specific jargon to maintain the accuracy of the documents.

You need various types of content to suit your needs. Sometime you need a speech; other times you may need website content, blogs, flyer material, brochure, product description etc. Soft ware locally available may not do justice to your needs. Hiring translation companies takes care of the different styles of writing that are needed for these.

Wider and Multilingual Audience
When you hire a translation company, you can reach out to a wider audience. There will be more cities and localities that you can reach out to. Such companies help you to spread your messages about your work to people who come from different backgrounds and languages. In one single meeting, seminar, or workshop, you can reach out to more people rather than have separate events for people of different regions.

Closely linked to the above is the need to make people of different languages know of and understand your products, services, and other offerings. Translation companies translate your brochures, flyers, advertisements, supply orders, invoices, bills etc to reach out to people across the globe. Language is no longer a barrier to expansion and growth.

Quality Control
You may try to read, research, and translate your materials into various languages, but there will always be a scope for errors. Even language experts whom you can hire individually may make mistakes in the translations with which the impact of your message gets diluted. There will always be the mother tongue influence in the translation from one language to another.

Whereas, hiring a translation company makes your task almost perfect. There will be no scope of errors as these companies have language experts who are well trained to give you the most accurate translations. Translation companies in the Dubai know the nuances of the native languages as well. They also know the finer aspects of punctuations for various languages that they work in.

Though there are Computer Assisted Translation tools available online, these are not very accurate in maintaining the translations. On the other hand, these professional companies ensure the quality of their translation work. Since translation doesn’t happen word to word, these professionals do a complete job for you.

Man Power and Time
If you are thinking about training your own staff to do the translations to various languages, there are many drawbacks in this. First, you will need a separate translator for each language that you want to touch upon. Second, you will need to train that person in formatting, editing, translation etc. Further, you may suffer if an expert is on leave and you need some documents to be translated in that particular language.

A lot of time needs to be invested in the in-house language translator. He may be slow and need constant supervision too. You will need to hire another person to cross check his work and cause delays to your working.

These problems will not arise if you have hired a translation company. It will have enough personnel to cover up for any absences and your work will carry on smoothly without delays. The translation company will give you dedicated time for your projects. You will find that hiring translation companies in the Dubai is easy since there are many such here.

Cost effective
Hiring or training some team member to do your translations is a costly affair. There are expenses involved in the training and monitoring part along with the expenses of having another person on board to edit and cross check before the final document is on its way.

Hiring a translation company in the Dubai is more cost effective as it will do the work more efficiently. This will save you on costs of labour as well as time. They are trained to translate quickly and accurately and follow deadlines too.

Hire the translation companies to work on your documents and have that edge over the competitors. Avoid any miscommunication and convey the exact message that you want your clients to know about. Communicate and grow.

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