Audit Firms in Khalifa Industrial Free Zone Abu Dhabi – KIZAD

Audit Firms in Khalifa Industrial Free Zone Abu Dhabi – KIZAD


At Aviaan Accounting, we have an extensive range of accounting and auditing services. Our team of professional and experienced auditors can provide invaluable advice for your business growth. As one of the leading audit firms in UAE, we aim to provide professional auditing services for companies operating in free zones. KIZAD is one of such important free zones in Abu Dhabi.

The KIZAD offers unique business benefits for the free zone and non-free zone establishments. You can enjoy several benefits in KIZAD including tax, custom duties, and tariff benefits. You’ll have the options of 100% foreign ownership and local partnerships as well. Both options provide different taxation and business benefits.

All free zone authorities in the UAE provide extensive guidelines on accounting and financial standards. There are no corporate tax implications for business currently in the UAE. However, all companies need to adhere to auditing and accounting compliance according to the UAE Commercial Companies Law. Specialist audit firms in KIZAD can help you comply with the auditing requirements.

Registered Audit Firms in KIZAD

We serve our clients throughout the geographical boundaries of the UAE. We are a team of professionals offering accounting and auditing services to our clients in the UAE. Free zones are special economic zones that come with discrete legislation. For that reason, only a handful of audit firms in KIZAD can provide auditing services.

Aviaan Auditing will be your trusted partner for auditing services in KIZAD. We aim to provide the best auditing services to our clients. Our mission is to offer the best valuable auditing services possible.


Why Partner with Registered audit firms in KIZAD only?

Compliance with the regulatory requirement is the foremost advantage for your business when you partner with auditing firms in KIZAD. Companies in the UAE can avail auditing reports from any firm, but free zone authorities impose some limitations on that. Most free zone authorities provide a list of registered audit firms in each free zone.

Free Zone authorities intend to achieve the highest regulatory standards from all companies. Adhering to international accounting and financial standards remains a key priority for all authorities in the UAE. Regardless of your company size, you’ll need to provide a financial audit from one of the registered audit firms in KIZAD.

Which accounting records do you need to get audited?

The authorities require a fair point of view from one of the independent audit firms in KIZAD on your financial conduct. Auditors provide an unbiased and transparent report on your financial records to the shareholders of the company. The same audit reports can be shared with relevant authorities to maintain the compliance requirements.

Some key accounting records that all audit firms in KIZAD may inspect:

  • Financial Statements including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statements.
  • Accounting records with invoices, expenses, and bank statements.
  • Previous audit reports for companies in continuous operations.
  • Registration details with authorities for VAT.
  • Company memorandum of association, Registration License, and other relevant documents.

Businesses get expert financial advisory from auditors. Experienced audit firms can provide valuable feedback on company accounting and financial risk as well. Partnering with the professional auditing firms in KIZAD will lead you to the shareholders’ trust as well.

Partnering with Aviaan over other Audit Firms in KIZAD

We are a Dubai based Accounting and auditing firm. We provide auditing and accounting services in Oman, KSA, and the UAE. Our team of chartered accountant and professionals aim to provide the best services to our clients.

With our professional integrity and standards, we are one of the leading and experienced auditing firms in Dubai. You can expect the best auditing services from us with full trust.

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