KSA Guide: VAT Impact on Education Sector


Education is a prerequisite in every state and nation. Without proper educational services in a country, the improvements of the foreseeable future are in question. In Saudi Arabia, ever since the introduction of academic institutions, the government has contributed significantly. However, with 2018 VAT inclusion, KSA introduced the 5% of value-added tax on private academic institutions.

Based on the implementation of the VAT rules in KSA, the supplies related to educational services are taxable at a 5% standard rate concerning private education. However, public education will be considered to be excluded from it.

As the government has imposed a hike from 5 to 15% in the nation, the increase in the rate of VAT for Education sector in KSA can be instrumental for better and considerable economic growth of the government.

Impact of VAT in Educational Domain

Saudi Arabia has followed an approach based on the KSA VAT rules. Education related to supplies is always taxable at the standard rate for private education. According to the rule, the KSA citizens are entitled to give the VAT on private education or supplemental classes.

How Will Aviaan Assist You With VAT Requirements Concerning KSA Education?

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