Top Best Tax Agent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE | FTA Approved and Registered

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Top Best Tax Agent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE | FTA Approved and Registered

Managing tax-related matters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE is very complicated and has many aspects which a company cannot handle by itself. Federal Tax Authority in UAE has strict rules and policies regarding tax filing, return, and registration. Moreover, FTA has approved certain tax agents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE to represents businesses and ensure compliance with federal tax regulations. These tax agents perform all tax obligations on behalf of the company in accordance with the contractual agreement between the company and the tax agent.

Tax agents have professional and expert staff who are trained and certified to oversee, resolve and respond to tax-related queries. Top Best and FTA Approved tax agents operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE is as follows:

Aviaan Accounting: Leading tax agent in UAE assist in planning and calculating taxes, documenting the process, filing a tax return and tax registration while maintaining compliance with all the rules and norms of the government. They are well aware and updated with the laws pertaining to tax in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

HBL HAMT: It is FTA registered tax agent firm in Dubai, UAE serving as a mediator between Federal Tax Authority and taxable business. They believe in keeping the professional staff updated with the changes in tax laws to avoid any legal issue or penalty on non-compliance with the new provisions.

SAB: The firm is committed to ensuring compliance with VAT regulations while managing all aspects of business taxation including tax return filing and registration. Equipped with tax experts who have administered tax situations of multiple small and large organizations with the aim to provide the best suitable solution.

Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA): Progressive and FTA approved tax agent firm offering accounts, auditing, tax, and bookkeeping services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE to help clients achieve their business and financial goals towards growth, efficiency, and profitability.

KBA: Top accounting and tax agent firm providing professional VAT service, financial consultancy, and cost-effective business solutions to meet the needs of the clients. The dedicated team follow the highest level of professional ethics and quality in services and assist small business in setting up a bookkeeping system.

Benefits of FTA Approved and Registered Tax Agents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE:

By appointing a tax agent in UAE, you don’t have to worry anymore about the impact of tax laws on your business, penalties in case of non-compliance, and the date/timing of tax filing and registrations. All such matters and more will be taken care of by your appointed tax agent. Furthermore, tax agents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE provides the following benefits:

  • Experienced, expert, certified, and trained staff of professional accountants
  • Reduce workload for the company
  • Federal representation
  • Updates related to changes in tax regulations
  • Fulfilling time deadlines

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