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Tax Agent

For any business, timely advice and easy to avail business solutions are required to meet taxation norms. After the introduction of Vat in Dubai, the businesses operating here are still trying to cope with the altered taxation norms. That explains why so many Dubai companies are opting for services of ace tax agents and consultancy firms. If that is the case with your company, there is nothing to worry! We at Aviaan accounting are here to address all your VAT and taxation related needs. Our expert tax consultant team will do the needful, as per your requirements.

Our executives will handle everything including documentation, tax file preparation, and related paperwork- adhering to the Dubai VAT and taxation norms. We will ensure your company stays on the right track on these aspects. Your venture will not run into taxation hurdles. If you choose us as your business tax agent, we will handle dealing with the Govt entities. This will make things easier for you.

Best Tax Agent in Dubai

A tax agent is the one who works on behalf of another person/business and represents the person/business to the govt. The tax agent also handles the client’s tax obligations. For this, the agent has to accomplish a lot of things.

Aviaan accounting is a registered Dubai based tax firm and we can act as your mediator to the govt. We represent your venture as a taxable entity to Dubai govt. Our skilled and professional Dubai Vat agents keep updating their knowledge and skills so that the clients never run into any hassles. When you seek our tax services, you can forget about paying any fine for not adhering to taxation laws. We will guide you in preparing the tax filing report. We will also guide you on things that you should and should not do in this regard.

A skilled tax agent helps in saving effort and time. So, you can actually focus on other aspects of business operations. It is always advisable that you hire the right tax agent instead of handling it through your company employees. Our expert tax and Dubai agents can help you overcome language-related barriers pertaining to VAT and Taxation.

The major advantages of hiring a Dubai tax agent

A tax agent handles entire tax-related affairs of a company, leaving the business owner and the company management to look after key areas. The role played by a tax agent is specified in 2017 Federal Law No (7).

Listed below are the major advantages of appointing a registered tax agent:

  • Required guidance on Tax Assessments and representations
    The primary duty of a tax agent is filing returns and calculating taxation. However, such an agent can help your business in other ways too. These agents can represent your venture to the Federal tax authorities. They also assist the clients when assessing payable taxes. A skilled Dubai based tax agent can assist your company and simplify a lot of complications involved in the process.
  • Aids you in saving both time and money
    Engaging an agent in managing the tax affairs of your company involves plenty of time and endeavor. There are so many things to assess and handle. The agent handles things like VAT registration, VAT planning, compliance assessment, etc. These have to be done as per the modified tax and Vat laws in the UAE. It becomes a time-intensive as well as a costly affair when you deploy your company’s resources and workforce to manage tax and Vat. Appointing a tax agent helps save both money and precious time.
  • Assistance in Tax deployment & Registration in Dubai
    New and existing businesses in Dubai may find getting registered for VAT somewhat tedious. They may not have enough ideas on how to get things done in the right ways. VAT implementation requires a good understanding of the business transaction methods and a lot of related things. Once all the VAT implications are deployed well by a tax agent, complying with the Vat norm becomes easier for the concerned company. This is applicable to any business in the UAE- as it is.
  • Assistance in Filing Your Returns properly and in time
    When it comes to filing Vat and tax returns in Dubai, timing is pivotal. The same can be said about the accuracy of the entire process. Delay and erroneous returns may attract your venture considerable tax penalty. A tax agent can ensure your company’s tax returns get filed properly and also in time.
  • Service as an Advisor-for long term
    A tax agent serves as a long term financial and tax advisor for your company. He/she can advise you on changes in government policies, tax law amendments, and tax-related updates, etc. The advantages of hiring a skilled tax agent overshadow the costs. Ensure you get the best agent for your venture in the UAE.

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