What to look For in A Good Translation Company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?


With the need to go global for your business expansion, there is a corresponding growth in the translation companies offering their services to you. These services are important because no business can translate its information, promotions, data etc in as many languages of the world as possible on its own. You cannot touch the hearts of the people whom you cannot see face to face but only connect through words, websites, videos, websites, soft ware etc. It needs external help and agencies that do it.

Outsourcing these translation companies eases a lot of burden on the management and owners in terms of manpower, time, effort, and money too. These companies like many translation companies in Dubai translate your materials into the regional language where you want to reach out to. This increases your effective communication with a wider global audience.

If you too are thinking of expanding your business and want to do this globally, you will need to start looking for a genuine and professional translation company. This will help you partner and collaborate successfully with foreigners and foreign lands.

Since you are expanding globally, it is certain that neither you know the language of the people you are reaching out to nor do they know yours. Therefore, it is very difficult to hire someone who can correctly convey your messages for an effective communication to take place.

There are certain criteria to keep in mind before employing any translation company as this can either spread a good word around or can dwindle out the business prospects in that area. Take your time, look around, and hire the company that best fulfils these basic requirements.

Licences and Registration

Check out the translation company thoroughly before you hire one. Ask for the licences and the permission to operate in your region. It is always better to hire someone who is local and registered with the local government. The translation companies in Dubai have to be locally registered before you can use their services. This guarantees that they are genuine, legal, and reliable.

Experiences and Feedback

Explore the kind of experience they have, their previous clients, and the kind of translations that they have done. A good translation company will show you samples of its work and also have feedback from the previous projects. There may also be letters of recommendation too for reference. You can connect with previous clients and take first hand information before you invest money in the company. See all these and then make up your mind.

Safety and Security

The next important thing to check out is the confidentiality of your data and information. This is very crucial since you will be handing over a lot of secure and private material to this external translation company. Reassure yourself about the safety and security of these. Check their websites and also the security of your websites as they will need access to yours. Find out how much they can delve into your other personal data without compromising on the safety. There is no scope of data leakage to excuse. Give permission prudently.

Services and Technology

Local translation companies in Dubai and nearby offer services other than only translation. Their teams have expert translators, interpreters, dispatchers, as well as managers. Such comprehensive services take away much stress from you as they can handle all aspects of translation.

They also do on-site and off-site sourcing for you, research the outreach region well, and then handle your assignments. These professional agencies are also up to date with technology. Confirm their capability in working with the latest translation technology and then place your orders. This will make your end product more precise and authentic, along with being delivered on time. You have to only connect with them and share your requirements.


You may be trying to expand your business to one or many regions at the same time. There will also be a possibility that you may want to reach out to only one region initially and then gradually to other locations. A good translation company will offer to translate your data into several languages and even sub languages at the same time. This helps to create an online data bank and can be accessed at any time in the future. This also helps to save cost and time instead of doing independent multiple translations in bits and pieces. Translations of information into multiple languages simultaneously save on time, effort, and money. The company can offer discounts for this too. So, it is always better to select an agency which has several language experts.

Culture Connect

You will be reaching out to people with a different culture and background. Your translated material needs to touch these natives and create an impact on their minds. Your audience will respond better if it’s a language they know well. Well translated promotional material or business correspondence impacts and influences the audience much faster and better than shoddy jobs. Professional translation companies in Dubai have connections with the local speakers of the region where you wish to send your end product.


Test the material which is translated into another language. You need to see the accuracy of the translations as even slight variations can alter the meaning of what you want to convey to your prospective audiences. Use a soft ware, temporarily hire someone, or take the help of a local from the region you are exploring who can check the accuracy. Sometimes there are mother tongue influences which can alter the meanings. Hire a reputed translation company in Dubai who knows Arabic as well as the prospective regional language. They do a good job at these translations.

Content and Grammar

The agency should also have experts who are trained to use the correct grammar. Each language has its own nuances, and one shoe does not fit all. So, they should know how the grammar rules for translations into different languages and even sub languages. Different products will be presented differently. For example, a flyer will be different from website content; and a business letter will be different from printed booklets; set of instructions will be different from any software content. Then there are user manuals, supply orders etc. Therefore, an expert translation company will know how to translate for each end product.

Creativity and Innovation

Creative and innovative content has a deeper impact on the audiences. Any good translation company will translate your data and ideas and also offer creative twists to it.


Any service that you outsource will eat into the profits of your company. Fix a budget and find a company that suits it. Clear the terms and conditions, payment amount as well as modes and satisfy yourself before hiring any company. Check what they take for any emergency work too. Rates are different for bulk and small orders.

Handling Volumes and Varieties

Any business will have a variety of materials to translate. There will be orders, invoices, flyers, advertisements, promotional materials, financial, medical, literary, legal, and many more such types of data that you hold. You may place mini, medium, or large orders. Find out if the translation company can handle bulk orders for you or if they have a minimum order that you need to fulfill for each order.

Timelines and Emergency Services

You business runs on stringent timelines. Time lost is money lost. Thus, the translation company that you hire should be able to follow your timelines and deadlines. You can’t afford to lose out on competition because the information is not ready. Any established translation agency in Dubai  will value your time and deliver as promised. You need to have buffer time in between the delivery of the translation and the dispatch to other regions. Check out their previous records and include this in your terms and conditions.

You may also need these services in an emergency and work has to be readied at very short notice. Check if the agency is willing to do this. This could affect your business seriously if you can’t deliver to your client because the external translation company doesn’t offer this service.

Customer Support

Your interaction with the translation company does not end with the delivery of the material. You need to establish a good relationship with them and they need to offer you great customer service too. Any good agency will offer to collect the materials from your office and deliver the translated one too. Check out this feature too before hiring anyone.

Look out for one stop solutions for your needs. You can find several translation companies in Dubai which will do a good job with accuracy and precision. This is important as these materials are the face of your business and convey a great deal about you, your office, and products that you are offerings to them. Look for high quality work and see your business grow globally.

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