UAE Guide: How to Amend VAT Details in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Amendment of Tax Details in VAT UAE

The Dubai government has successfully implemented VAT law across the country. There might be some changes required in a profile after registering. Therefore, amending the tax details, during the course, can be done very easily online. Any changes in the details after registering, needs to be reported immediately to the FTA.

There are few changes that do not require any approval from the FTA and are brought into immediate effect. After logging onto the FTA portal, the made changes will be effective.. Those being:

  • Changes or addition related to business activities.
  • GCC activities.(Name of member state, TRN, estimated value of imports and exports)
  • Customs Registration Information.

Steps to modify such details:

  • After approval of registration application, click on EDIT button available in the VAT box under Dashboard.
  • On clicking, all sections and fields will be available.
  • Navigate through the section and make necessary changes.
  • Click on submit changes.

However, there are few details with respect to VAT registration in Dubai which are blocked for online modification:

  • Details about the applicant.
  • Contact details.
  • Banking details.
  • Business relationship changes.
  • Actual or estimated financial transactions value once approved.
  • Imports and exports value once approved.
  • Details of Authorized signatory or communication preference.

However, to amend the above-mentioned details, the taxable person may notify to the FTA in writing, and once approval from FTA is received, then these details can be amended.

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