Top FTA VAT Return Filing Services in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Top FTA VAT Return Filing Services in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

The VAT law was introduced in the UAE w.e.f. 1st January 2018. It is a transaction-based indirect tax levied at each stage of the supply chain and ultimately borne by the end consumer. All companies based in the UAE must follow the applicable VAT law.

The VAT compliances can often be complicated and businesses can end up making mistakes while filing VAT returns in UAE. Filling VAT returns require compliance with the FTA standards. Failing to do may attract heavy fines and penalties. Some of the mistakes that the companies make due to lack of knowledge of VAT filing include incorrect tax strategy, wrong calculation of VAT, inadequate accounting system, failure to issue valid tax invoices to counterparties, etc.

The VAT related formalities can be complicated but you can avoid all these mistakes by hiring competent tax professionals.

If you are looking for FTA VAT Return filing services in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE, Aviaan Accounting can be a one-stop solution for all your needs. We are a professional VAT consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. We are a reputed and resourceful tax consulting firm in Dubai having in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of VAT.

Businesses That Require VAT Registration Services in UAE

Before considering VAT return filing, it is crucial to ascertain whether your business requires VAT registration in UAE.

A business can opt for any of the two types of VAT registration in UAE:

  • Mandatory Registration
  • Voluntary Registration

What are the Limits for VAT Registration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

In case of mandatory registration, businesses have to compulsorily register for VAT when:

  • If the total value of taxable supplies and imports exceeds AED 375,000 in the last 12 months.
  • If the total value of taxable supplies and imports is expected to exceed AED 375,000 in the next 12 months.

Note: This threshold is not applicable to foreign organizations that do not have a place of residence in the state of UAE. In simple words, foreign organizations have to compulsorily register under VAT irrespective of the registration threshold.

In case of voluntary registration, businesses have the option to register for VAT when:

  • The total value of taxable supplies and imports or taxable expenses exceeds AED 187,500 in the last 12 months.
  • If the total value of taxable supplies and imports or taxable expenses is expected to exceed AED 187,500 in the next 12 months.

When are Businesses Required to File VAT Return in UAE?

When are Businesses Required to File VAT Return in UAE

Once you have registered for VAT in the UAE, you are required to file your VAT return periodically with the FTA. VAT return filing in Dubai, UAE is mandatory for all taxable businesses. The VAT return filing and payment need to be made within 28 days from the end of your tax period. A tax period is a specific period for which tax payable shall be calculated. The standard tax period is:

  • Quarterly for businesses with an annual turnover below AED150 million.
  • Monthly for businesses with an annual turnover of AED150 million or more.

However, FTA has the power to grant a different tax period for a certain type of business.

The VAT return filing period will be mentioned on your VAT certificate.

How Can Businesses File VAT Returns in UAE?

Businesses need to file a tax return electronically through the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)  portal: If your business is required to file a VAT return in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, it must comply with all the formalities. You must submit a comprehensive statement of supplies made and received during the tax period. Failing to do so may attract severe penalties and other problems. Apart from that, filing VAT requires in-depth knowledge of UAE laws and regulations. Therefore, is it advisable to use the services of professionals like Aviaan Accounting to file VAT returns as per FTA standards.

How Can Aviaan Accounting Assist You in Filing your VAT Return?

Our tax team can guide you and offer the necessary support in filing your VAT return. Our experts will advice you regarding the calculation and payment of tax liability in accordance with the VAT law. Apart from that, we will also do proper tax planning for you.

We will prepare and submit the tax return on your behalf at the end of each tax period in compliance with VAT law applicable in the UAE. We will ensure that your VAT return gets filed with the FTA within the prescribed time limit.

Things to Follow When a Business Has to File VAT Return?

When your business needs to be VAT registered and complaint, you need to do the following things;

  • You must maintain your VAT records for 5 years at least. The VAT records include documentation of the company’s import/export of goods and services, supplies, tax invoices, etc.
  • There is a fixed period within which VAT returns must be filed. Failing to file VAT on time may attract penalties. Since the weekends have changed in UAE, it is important to take the assistance of a VAT consultant to avoid any non-compliance.
  • If the business has to pay taxes, it is better to avoid delayed payments and file returns timely. It is always better to file VAT dues before the due date.
  • It is advisable to take the assistance of a VAT filing expert in UAE when the business is dealing with those goods and services where the applicable VAT rate is 0%.

VAT Advisory Services Provided by Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan Accounting provides the top FTA VAT Return filing services in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / UAE. Have a look at some of the VAT related services provided by us.

  • VAT return filing
  • Periodical VAT compliance
  • VAT registration and de-registration
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Assistance in VAT penalty wavier
  • Double Tax Avoidance Advisory
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • VAT Health Check Services
  • Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)
  • VAT related clarification And exemption
  • Amendment in VAT registration details

What are the Benefits of Using Aviaan Accounting FTA VAT Return filing services in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / UAE?

What are the Benefits of Using Aviaan Accounting FTA VAT Return filing services in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / UAE

The benefits of using VAT return filling services of Aviaan Accounting are as follows;

  • Saves payment of additional VAT
  • Check the eligibility of all your VAT transactions
  • Comply with all the laws and regulations of VAT filing
  • Save business revenue from VAT penalties
  • Elimination of errors in the submission of documents to the authorities
  • Carry out business transactions more confidently

The above mentioned are some of the benefits of using the VAT return filing services of Aviaan Accounting in UAE. Our experts have knowledge and years of experience in taxation. Our assistance and support will help your business reach new heights without worrying about the compliance of rules and regulations applicable to the business.

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting for VAT Returns in UAE?

When you choose Aviaan Accounting for VAT returns, you are assured of the best services. Our dedicated team of financial advisors and VAT experts will take care of all your business VAT related matters. Our wide range of services covers all the aspects related to VAT. We offer our VAT advisory services in UAE to all international and local clients. We carry out weekly, monthly and quarterly checks of VAT related matters based on the business requirement. We make sure that all the rules and regulations are followed by the company. Our experts will assist you at every step of VAT return filing according to the VAT law.

Get in touch with us to get the best VAT return filing services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

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