List of VAT Consultants in Dubai, UAE


If you’re doing business in Dubai, you likely need to register with the VAT department. This can seem intimidating if you don’t know who to turn to, but fortunately, you have several options. VAT consultants in Dubai provide help with all aspects of getting your new or existing business registered and filing your tax payments each month—they handle all the complicated paperwork, too!

Here are some of the top VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE.

Aviaan Accounting LLC

Aviaan Accounting LLC is a Dubai-based Auditing & Accounting Outsourcing firm. Our team comprises experienced Chartered Accountants and qualified professionals who have global experience. Our team has extensive experience with different Accounting software and works at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. We are specialized, professional, and well-structured, Aviaan Accounting is a firm of corporate planners, auditors, tax experts, and financial analysts.

Zenith – Husain Alhashmi Auditing of Accounts

Among one of many VAT consultants in Dubai, Zenith also offers a range of other accounting and audit services for companies of all sizes including sole proprietorships and private clients. With over 35 years of experience, their goal is to help businesses become more profitable by providing an effective and efficient service.

Kreston Awni Farsakh & Co

The VAT consultants at Kreston Awni Farsakh & Co can help you with establishing your business and applying for all licenses required. As a bonus, Kreston also provides full audit services to help you understand if you’re currently doing everything that you need to do to follow tax law. With a great history and solid reputation, we highly recommend them as one of our top VAT consultants in Dubai. They have been rated A+ by BBBJ since 2012  which is a good indication that they are legitimate; indeed there are many positive online reviews about their work which makes them reputable for prospective customers in need of help with tax-related services. Worth giving them a call!

Suntech Auditors and Consultants

Suntech has been practicing for more than two decades and has handled countless VAT registration cases. Its expertise makes it one of the most-reliable VAT consultants in Dubai. Suntech also offers VAT registration help to companies based outside the UAE.

Essaar & Associates Chartered Accountants

Essar & Associates Chartered Accountants can serve as your VAT consultant in Dubai and walk you through every step of tax registration. The firm specializes in working with businesses to ensure they register correctly and manage their taxes.

Hallmark International Auditors and Accountants

If you are looking for a VAT consultant in Dubai then get in touch with Hallmark International Auditors and Accountants. They have been providing services such as accounting & audit, corporate secretarial, and consultancy to all kinds of business concerns since 1999. Their professional knowledge of each subject is highly recognized by leading businesses both locally and internationally. they deal with the annual taxation system, personal income tax system, and sales tax system in addition to various other forms of taxes based on international standards like a value-added tax (VAT), services tax, etc. So if you want to register yourself as a VAT Consultant company call them now!

Talal Abu Ghazaleh and Company International

When it comes to VAT consultants in Dubai, there is none better than Talal Abu Ghazaleh and Company International. Talal Abu Ghazaleh and Company International have dedicated their practice to a variety of tax services that include those associated with business law, real estate, and forex-based transactions. Additionally, they specialize in offering their clients reliable accounting services that are best suited for non-profits, private companies as well as governments.

Alberts Accounting & Tax Consultants

Alberts Accounting & Tax Consultants is one of the leading accounting, auditing, management, and financial consulting firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE. They provide the best, affordable accounting & financial services to customers across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Fast and accurate. There are in-person and virtual audits available. Practical knowledge of the requirements and standards of the UAE, along with auditing, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT Consultants in Dubai, and VAT registration.

Asad Abbas & Co

Asad Abbas & Co is an audit, accounting, and consultancy firm based in the United Arab Emirates. they build integrity and establish long-term relationships with clients. their main objective is to create a long-term relationship with customers and provide a mix of creativity, innovation, prudence, integrity, and care.

Offering a wide range of professional services including statutory, external, and internal audit, accounting, and bookkeeping with outsourcing, financial management consultancy, project valuation, feasibility studies, company formations, VAT Consultants in Dubai, and all other allied services.

ADS Accounting & Auditing LLC

ADS auditing and Accounting the Auditing Company in UAE. They give quality administrations as indicated by the individual needs of customers. Financial Accounting, Software design, and implementation, Accounting supervision, Budget, Forcast, and cashflow & VAT Consultants in Dubai THEIR specialists can help with making the process of VAT more proficient and help the distinguishing proof of recoverable VAT over the business sectors in which you work, liaising with neighborhood charge specialists to help cases or data demands and diminishing the turnaround time for settlement.

Affiniax Partners

Affiniax provides multilingual tax consultancy for individuals and businesses in various countries including Canada, India, South Africa, and UAE. They serve a global clientele from their offices based in Mauritius and UAE. If you are looking for VAT consultants in Dubai then reach out to Affiniax Partners who can help you with your business start-up operations with high levels of support at affordable prices. As per their testimonials, it is considered one of the best VAT consultant companies around.

AKW Tax Reclaim Accounting and Bookkeeping

AKW Tax Reclaim Accounting and Bookkeeping is a well-known Accounting and Bookkeeping firm in Dubai they will register your new business or non-profit with the Ministry of Finance to help you comply with tax regulations. And they provide VAT consultants in Dubai and help you to deal with customs paperwork. All tax reclaim and VAT services are included within a single fee. Vat registration Payroll bookkeeping and Federal tax forms preparation they are qualified professionals who handle all these tasks for you.

Al Fahad Chartered Accountant

If you are looking for a VAT consultant in Dubai, then look no further than Al Fahad Chartered Accountant. Al Fahad is a local firm registered to practice VAT consultancy. they have worked with several companies in setting up their VAT operations as well as helping them plan/restructure their financial/accounting structure within or outside UAE.

Al Ikhwa Tax Consultancy Accounting & Book Keeping

Al Ikhwa has been operational for more than two decades, gaining an outstanding reputation as one of the leading tax consultancy firms that support businesses and corporations with their intricate VAT taxation requirements. Al Ikhwa is heavily involved in assisting several international businesses setting up shop in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established with extensive industry knowledge and a wealth of experience under its belt Al Ikhwa has become one of the most trusted companies for undertaking all your specialized accounting assignments, including auditing. They have made it to our list because they are highly regarded as the best VAT consultants in Dubai.

Jitendra Chartered Accountants

A business needs to choose the right firm for VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE. Businesses must be cognizant of different factors, including the experience of the tax consultant, expertise in finance, IT, operations, VAT computation, VAT refunds, and filing taxes. VAT consultants with sound knowledge about all the technological advancements in the field can handle verification reports, claim refunds, fill out forms, or handle any complex issues related to VAT.

Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA) have an experienced team of VAT consultants who understand VAT in UAE, VAT accounting, VAT filings, VAT refunds, and all the other rules and regulations related to VAT in UAE.

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