How hiring a registered tax agent can help you implement VAT System in Dubai?

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The introduction of a new law system in taxation is an intimidating part of a business owner or a professional to comply with. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has introduced the milestone Federal Law Number 7 of 2017 and implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) regime on 11 th June. The companies providing products and services will have to comply with the new regulations and alter their systems accordingly. Hiring a professional Dubai tax agent, adept at handling VAT matters will be ideal.

Seeking professional assistance from tax agents in the Dubai

Changing the entire system of operations considering the amendment of a new law is an overwhelming transformation for a company, big or small. With the impending implementation of VAT, every company coming under this tax regime will have to comply with it and make alterations in the business operations. Hence, calling in an experienced VAT consultant in Dubai will be the smartest step for making such changes and representing your company in front of the FTA personnel.

The new tax system should be dealt with precision for avoiding any complications in the near future. Hiring a VAT agent in Dubai will deliver the following benefits to your company.

  • Registered professional to work with
    Only the registered tax professionals will be able to deliver the result you expect. These agents have to appear in the FTA exam to prove their credibility and get recognized by the authority. They also need to show at least 3 years of experience in the same field and showcase their credentials accordingly to get certified by the FTA.
  • Knowledge about VAT in Dubai, UAE
    Apart from the recognition from the FTA, a tax agent has the supreme knowledge about VAT. The professional stays up to date with the changes made in the tax regime by the governing body and intimidate it with the client. It is also his responsibility to ensure proper implementation of the changes and maintain tax-related compliance with the authority. It is the tax agent who will ensure smooth operation by abiding with the tax laws for his clients.
  • Checking compliance
    The tax agent will also check whether the company is complying with the criteria amended by the newly amended VAT law. On regular checking, he can identify the discrepancies and design solutions to resolve the issues. It is his supervision that will help the clients to avoid any tax-related trouble or legal issues related to the new laws. Conducting regular checks and inspecting the taxation operations by this agent will ensure the proper functioning of your business in a legit way.

Make it easy by hiring a VAT consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Now that you have learned who the VAT consultants are in Dubai and how they fit into the profile, you can easily find the most suitable professionals for your business. Concentrate on the industry genre of your business and find the most experienced tax agents to handle the new changes to be made in your company.

A registered tax agent is the only authorized person who can represent your company regarding the VAT regime in front of the FTA. Hire one accordingly and make your business VAT compliant.

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