Approved Auditors in DAFZA- Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority


Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) is located in proximity to terminal 2 in Dubai airport. It was established in 1995, and is currently headed by H.H. SHEIKH AHMED BIN SAEED AL MAKTOUM, Chairman of the authority. The DAFZA is a legal separate entity from the Dubai Airport, and provides world-class business facilities to more than 1600 companies currently from around the world.

You can set up your business with DAFZA through online registration or by contacting the authority at their office location. You’ll then be prompted with choosing the right company and activity types for your business. If you’ve already registered the firm, your compliance requirements need to comply with DAFZA regulations. Auditing is one of such important requirements. You can avail of the auditing services from any of the approved auditing firms in DAFZA. The authority provides a list of DAFZA approved auditors for the convenience of business owners.

Why Choose Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority DAFZA

The prime location of DAFZA in the close vicinity of the Dubai International airport is the biggest attraction for any company. The authority offers facilities for both brick-and-mortar businesses as well as modernized e-commerce ones. Primarily, the DAFZA authority offers a comprehensive set of facilities and services to small industrial companies. Its dedicated warehousing and cold storage facilities provide state of the art services to the businesses.

Here is a list of a few key facilities offered by DAFZA for the businesses:

  • Located at a key strategic location saving logistics and shipping costs.
  • Government services like customs, Visa, police, health, and chamber authorities under one roof.
  • Extensive logistics and cargo handling services.
  • Dedicated purpose-built thermal and insulated warehousing units for small businesses, the LIUs.
  • DAFZA industrial park and Halal trade and marketing center.
  • State of the art DAFZA retail square space.
  • DAFZA introduced the plan for the first dedicated e-commerce Free Zone in the region.
  • Government and Visa services, along with dedicated professional services such as approved auditing firms in DAFZA.

DAFZA offers business facilities for all industries. It started with an emphasis on providing facilities to the logistics and conventional SMEs. The DAFZA has since then introduced modern business concepts like Smart city, Islamic Economy, Tradeling, and Dubai 10x.

Free zone authorities offer dedicated services and financial benefits to the investors. The DAFZA authority also offers similar financial benefits to its investors who wish to set up the business with DAFZA.

Here are the top financial benefits of doing businesses within DAFZA:

  • Zero Corporate and Zero Income Tax on all income within DAFZA
  • 100% ownership of registered firms with DAFZA
  • 100% repatriation of profits and earnings
  • VAT exempted trading facility
  • No employment and business currency restrictions
  • Opportunities with Islamic trade and Halal trade initiatives

Incorporated companies with free zones in Dubai need to comply with all government regulations alike. One of the most important such requirement is providing the FTA with auditing and tax compliance reports. DAFZA Approved auditors help companies stay compliant with the statutory requirements.

Approved Auditors in DAFZA

Although you do not need to pay any corporate or income taxes within DAFZA, your business entity still needs auditing and tax reporting. All companies must follow the accounting and auditing regulations to maintain their financial records. The DAFZA authority requires its registered businesses to provide the compliance reports from the DAFZA approved auditors.

DAFZA is leading the strategic economic vision of Dubai with innovative concepts like Islamic Trade, Smart city, and Dubai Commerce city. We at AVIAAN Accounting can help you stay compliant with financial and tax regulations from the DAFZA.

Benefits of Partnering with Approved Auditing Firms in DAFZA

If you have the main office outside of the DAFZA or any other business, you can apply for registered auditing firms in Dubai. However, with the free zone (like DAFZA) registered companies, only approved auditing firms in DAFZA can provide the auditing services. All free zone authorities implement strict financial regulations to ensure transparent business conduct. For compliance and regulatory purposes, authorities also provide an approved auditing firms list in DAFZA.

DAFZA and the Federal Tax Authority in the UAE require certain financial compliance and regulatory requirements from all businesses. Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with approved auditors in DAFZA for you:

  • Legal and Statutory compliance with the Ministry of Finance and Government laws.
  • Financial laws and regulatory compliance in accordance with the Federal Tax Authority of UAE.
  • Compliance with DAFZA regulations for transparent conduct of businesses.
  • Compliance with corporate tax and VAT requirements, even though no taxes apply to any businesses in free zones yet.
  • Financial and business advice from experienced auditing firms in DAFZA.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping standards compliance with internationally accepted principles and guidelines with the help of professional and approved auditors in DAFZA.

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