What are Questions to be asked to CPAs to Reduce Audit Risk in Dubai?


Audit risk and mis-planning can lead to serious consequences. To assist diminish your fears of such in government audit, February is the finest time of year to discuss with your appointed CPA to assess technique, survey your documentation and inquire key questions. In short, how to decrease your chances of an audit? People fear a government audit more than looking into their own business documents and compliances. To avoid governmental audit compliance should be all done. Plan with your CPA early this year, and inquire these five coordinate questions to diminish your troubles.

  1. IFRS Communications
    Your number one objective ought to have the finest advisor who will interface with an IFRS auditor in Dubai, UAE. You would not to have ever communicated specifically with the IFRS. It doesn’t matter whether it’s could be a basic ask for data or a broad review. The reality is that the IFRS knows more than you. Therefore, he should be the one to talk to all government authorities, not you! In this way, you will be more relaxed and the CPA will be doing his job.
  2. Relationship Management
    Relationship Management is very important. You need a CPA with great abilities to supervise your audit. When assembly with an IFRS auditor, your tax preparer ought to make them feel comfortable and really do their best to assist them. Auditors in Dubai, UAE have an extreme work, and can make a huge contrast within the outcomes.
  3. Documentation
    Keeping appropriate documentation of costs is basic. You need to keep physical duplicates of documentation for seven a long time. You’ll likely not turn over archives to your tax advisor until and unless you get inspected. Maintain a list of what archives you would like to keep that would be helpful for inspection. Keep a duplicate of your tax return, the tax preparer ought to keep duplicates of your W2 wage statement, 1099, General Ledger and balance sheet. This documentation will be the ground for an audit. Try maintaining all proper records with consultations with your CPA.
  4. IFRS Knowledge
    The tax preparer in Dubai hired should have proper in-depth knowledge of IFRS. He should be comfortable and willing to take care of an IFRS audit. In case they are anxious of the IFRS, at that point discover somebody else to get ready your returns.
  5. Experience
    Experience is very important in an audit. Inquire your tax preparer in Dubai about their working on IFRS audits for clients, and also inquire for some cases and its outcomes. There are numerous distinctive scenarios, and you need to gage their accuracy level. An auditor having more experience in IFRS Audit in Abu Dhabi, UAE will ensure fewer errors and more accuracy. Such a thing will avoid governmental audit or will allow the audit to take place without any adversities.

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