Approved Auditors in Dubai Design District – the D3


Dubai Design District or creatively known as D3 is the branded face of Dubai city. The D3 free zone is one of 9 clusters operated by the Tecom Group Dubai. The licensing and regulatory requirements for these cluster free zones are overseen by the Dubai Development Authority (DDA).

If you are looking to become part of a vibrant and creative society in Dubai for doing business, the D3 free zone should be on your radar. The Dubai Design District, D3 city is aimed to harmonize the designers and creative thinkers together. It is carefully designed to be built as a cluster of art, design, and modern culture that depicts the portrait of modern Dubai.

You can set up and register a new business or open a franchise/branch of your existing business. The business set up and registration process will be overseen by the DDA office for the selected 09 clusters including the D3 free zone.

We at AVIAAN accounting have compiled a startup and auditing guideline for our customers. Let us take a look at the major factors of doing business in the D3 city.

Benefits of Choosing the Dubai Design District D3 for Business

You will become part of an engaging and creative society at D3. The D3 city aims to bring together the best of the young, authentic, and aspiring talent from around the world. The D3 free zone comes with an inspirational idea of blending the local talent in the Design industry with world-leading talent.

The Dubai Design District was created to showcase the local talent in the design industry to the world. It provides a dynamic and vibrant platform for Arab designers to showcase their talent to a global audience.

Here are some key benefits of doing business at the D3 city:

  • 100% business ownership without the need for a local sponsor
  • 100% repatriation of earnings and profits
  • Zero Corporate and Income taxes
  • VAT exemptions in Free zones as well as in D3
  • Join the community of world-class businesses in the Design industry
  • Located at the strategically important business hub

Businesses need to set up company registration and conduct the business in accordance with all UAE laws. Companies in all free zones need to comply with financial regulations as well. One of the key requirements for all companies in the free zones is to comply with the accounting and auditing standards. Companies in Dubai Design District D3 need to provide the audit certification from the approved auditors in D3 only.

Generally, any registered auditing firm can provide auditing services throughout the UAE. Only approved auditing firms in D3 and other free zones can offer auditing services though.

Requirements to register a company at Dubai Design District, D3

Here are some key requirements to set up your business in D3:

  • Application for Registration Copy
  •  Company Incorporation Certificate Original or Notarized
  • Certificate of Continuity, or Existence or Good Standing Original or Notarized
  • MoA and AoA of Parent Company Original or Notarized
  • CV of Member(s) Copy
  • Bank Reference Letter for Member(s) Copy
  •  Resolution for the Incorporation of an FZ-LLC Notarized & Attested
  •  NOC for General Manager from the Current UAE Sponsor (if applicable) Original
  • Registry Identification Code (RIC) form for Member(s), Director(s) & Manager Original & Notarized
  • RIC form For Corporate Original & Notarized
  • Passport copies for Member(s), Director(s) & Manager Copy
  • Proof of Share capital from a Bank within the UAE or Deposit Receipt in Dubai Development Authority
  • Trust Account Original
  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (“UBO”) Declaration Form Original

The share capital requirement for new businesses at D3 is set at AED 100,000. Different regulatory and Licensing fees apply as the selection and number of business categories.

Approved Auditors in Dubai Design District, D3

Maintaining financial records and accounting standards are equally important for all businesses in the UAE. Like all Free zone authorities, there is a DDA approved auditors list. These approved auditing firms can provide accounting and auditing services to businesses in all DDA clusters including the D3.

Benefits of Partnering with Approved Auditors in D3

The Federal Tax Authority FTA and the Finance ministry provide strict guidelines for fair financial conduct in the UAE. The free zones authorities also require each of their clients to uphold the highest financial integrity. One of the key requirements to provide authorities like the FTA is to comply with the auditing certification. Your business in the D3 will be income and corporate tax exempted but will need to provide the auditing certification from approved auditors in D3 to the FTA.

Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with approved auditing firms in D3:

  • Compliance with legal and statutory laws in the UAE.
  • Compliance with taxation and financial regulations issued by the FTA in the UAE.
  • Increased business goodwill and brand value by transparent conduct of business.
  • Improved financial accuracy by partnering with leading approved auditing firms in D3.
  • Compliance with International accounting standards and generally accepted accounting principles for both local and international businesses in D3.


We at Aviaan Auditing are a registered accounting and auditing firm in UAE, Oman, and KSA. We have a team of professionals and experienced auditors that provide the highest quality services to our clients throughout the UAE and in the Middle East region.

If you’re setting up a franchise or a branch office in Dubai Design District D3, we can also partner with you in other areas in Dubai and UAE.

With our professional integrity and standards, we are one of the leading and experienced auditing firms in Dubai. You can expect the best auditing services from us with full trust.

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